A bad idea in one state should not be repeated here

Stehen Dargan, moron at large

Stephen Dargan, moron at large

Connecticut Democrat Stephen Dargan, eager to cash in on the Newtown massacre, plans to publicize gun owners names and addresses. The local and state police (and federal law enforcement departments)already have this information, and a registered gun owner’s drivers license notes that he has a carry permit, so what purpose, other than harassment, would this bill serve? Well it gains him a headline of course, but I thought prostitutes preferred to stay out of the limelight. Politicians must be a separate class of that species.

At least, and unlike the ladies of the Journal News who first dreamed up this pestilent tactic, Steve’s contact information is shown in the official Government Affairs page – call him up and tell him this is a dumb idea.

Party: Democrat
District Towns: West Haven
Committees: Executive and Legislative Nominations, Insurance and Real Estate, Public Safety and Security
Email: stephen.dargan@cga.ct.gov
Website: http://www.housedems.ct.gov/Dargan/index.asp
Capitol Phone: 860-240-0570
Capitol Fax: 860-240-0206
Home Address: 215 Beach St West Haven 06516-6133
Home Phone: 203-937-1985


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19 responses to “A bad idea in one state should not be repeated here

  1. burningmadolf

    What an absolute piece of shit this clown is!

  2. Is the top link supposed to go to some article about the release? For now, both links are the same, to the state page.

    I was sure I heard this morning on Fox that it is illegal in CT to publish this information.

    • I’ll fix the link, EOS, and thanks. And yes, Connecticut Democrats agreed to keep that information safe from public disclosure some years ago in exchange for stricter registration laws. Like every other such law, once they got the first piece, they’re going back for the next.

    • Mark B.

      It will be illegal in NY very shortly.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    So this is a story just won’t die. Now that Putnam County will not release the names of legal gun owners in their county, it appears the Journal News will litigate. Losers. And this Mr. Dargen is a publicity seeking POS.

    And I like this State Senator Greg Ball. Although I wish his first name was Bigpairof.


    It is still get a lot of coverage on TV, on shows like Fox news. Not with you though, but with normal people.

    Anyhows, you know what I find most encouraging about all of this? Well do ya, PUNK? It is that a two bit, pissy but likeable, no talent internet blogger, with a readership of three, can actually help to bring this issue to the national forefront. Amazing, isn’t it?

    It shows that the power of the internet can be used to fight the biased, liberal, MSM and these moron Democrat politicians. Even when it is used by a dim bulb like you.

    Nice work, zipper head.
    Your Pal,

  4. Publius

    I suspect people from Greenwich are not familar with the town of West Haven and if they were they would not be surprised that this cretin would make this proposal

  5. Anonymous

    We ALL elect these boobs! There are so many intellects in this country and they can’t seem to get from the university to public office. Lets start with the local Greenwich town hall and just work out way up. There are so many other large topics. How about Americas failing infrastructure? Have you even been on the GW or the Tap?

  6. Figures he’s from Waste Haven!

  7. Publius

    Apparently, Mr Dargan does not mind the avergae citizen digging around town hall records to find out all about him, so give him a call (at home) or send him an e mail

  8. D

    What an ass this guy is… everyone – call and write!

    One other thing… I don’t see on my DL where it says I have a carry permit. I might have an old license though.

    • I don’t believe the actual license shows it, D, but it is in the state police computer for drivers’ licene info so if they stop you, they know that you have a permit. I guess that makes sense, although if I were a cop on a dark night approaching a car alone (a prospect that scares the bejesus out of me) I might feel better knowing that the driver was a legal gun owner rather than someone who might or might not be carrying illegally.

      • D

        Ahh, gotcha. Absolutely, I always assumed they put two and two together. But you’re exactly right. A trooper should assume anyone he stops is armed – but shouldn’t be more scared of someone with a permit – that means they respect the law!

  9. please explain

    i am not seeing why people would publish this – it is meaningless data -right.

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    Vote here on poll whether permit holders names should be public data.
    http://www.wtnh.com/dpp/news/politics/rep-proposes-to-make-gun-permit-holders-info-public#.UOd0WLYbcmR. Click on the poll button. Right now its about 83% against public disclosure with just shy of 2500 votes cast

  11. FlyAngler

    I just sent this off by email:

    Mr. Dargan,

    I am not one of your constituents but my name is among the tens of thousands of lawful and law abiding handgun owners in Connecticut. Normally, I am not politically active nor do I regularly contribute money to political causes. However, your suggestion that my name and home address should be made public is an assault on my privacy that I can not allow to go unaddressed.

    Thus, while I can not vote for your opponent in future elections, I will be more than happy to help promote and fund any political opponents you may face, even at the primary level. I also have many fellow gun-owner friends who have pledged to oppose the reelection of any local or state politician who seeks to trample our federal and state constitutional rights as well as our expectations of privacy.

    You are free to promote any legislation you see fit, just know that there can be electoral repercussions of such actions.


    Greenwich, CT