Fake but accurate

The Hartford Courant has posted an empowering photograph of Democrat females and challenges its readers to “find your Connecticut female”. If you can’t don’t worry, because Nancy Pelosi’s been caught photoshopping in the missing. “It was a historical moment”, Pelosi explained, so she had to make it up.

My guess is that no one was outside the Capitol today – Pelosi said it was cold, and her fellow ladies were busy entertaining guests.



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8 responses to “Fake but accurate

  1. Al Dente

    I’m not sure those are all women. And who dresses them, Barney Frank?

  2. armonk

    As Bob Dole said, “this is the kind of thing that gives smoke and mirrors a bad name.” Debbie Wasserman photoshopped in. My least favorite member of congress.

  3. Anon

    Women fake all sorts of things, from boobs to having the big O. Why stop at a little photoshopping? This is simply standard operating procedure for women.

  4. Babylon Sister

    Nine out of ten of them probably oppose “women’s suffrage”, and for the same reason they oppose “semi-automatic weapons” – it just sounds like a horrible thing! Let’s put an end to it!

  5. Cobra

    Pelousy’s face has been “rearranged” more than once, most recently by a disbarred taxidermist, so why not this photo?

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah, Cobra, Nancy is absolutely the weirdest looking Speaker of the House in US history. I’ll gladly grant her that superlative.

  7. estrogeneration

    a new breed of governing class, look for equal pay and benefits even though women still breed and we have to excuse for this for months of absense in the workplace.