Real estate?

127 Lake Ave

127 Lake Ave

Next week should see activity. This week, not so much. There was one listing returned to market today, 127 Lake Avenue, $895,000. Nice looking house but it demonstrates the difficulty of finding a buyer for lower Lake Avenue, where the convenience to downtown meets the traffic headed in that same direction. It’s a tough sell.

The owners of 127 paid $1,010,000 in 2003 and obviously put still more money into renovations, but after trying $1.2 million in 2008 and variations on that theme since, they are down now to under $900,000; I’d guess that price will drop still further. This is a nice house, and pretty good value if you can put up with the location. Just beware of resale.


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4 responses to “Real estate?

  1. D

    Lower Lake is tough, but there are some nice options even in spite of the traffic. This place suffers from no garage or fireplace, an awkward backyard and a tricky layout… closer to reality now though.

    Whatever happened to the really bad white one just up the street from this one? Didn’t they briefly try $650ish?

  2. Anonymous

    it sold. a pal was the listing agent. i personally liked the property layout but house needed a lot of work and that lower lake location can be a real pain when trying to exit left (down lake) in the morning rush hour.

  3. Concerned homeowner

    Well, trying to make a left turn onto North Street during any rush hour is a disaster. Cars go so fast there. You look one way, look the other way, start to turn and a car on North Street you did not see is on top of you at 45 mph. The issue is not limited to lower Lake.

  4. FF

    That house survived a number of foreclousres, may have actually been foreclosed upon, and was on the market on and off for 6 years