I thought that was the whole point of the exercise

Playing the slots in old Connecticut

Genuine indian artwork, via Singapore

Our Irish correspondent looks back across the pond and sends us this story: The Mashantucket Faux’s chairman and treasurer were indicted friday for stealing $800,000.  Those of you new to our state may not be aware that the Mashantuckets are a phony band of indians dreamed up by then Senator Lowell Weicker in order to bring legalized gambling to our state, and named in honor of some real indians we extincted back around 1650. Things went swimmingly, with the handle split between the make-believes and Hartford politicians until, as these things will, the money ran out, the “indians” had to stop paying themselves $100,000 per year (!) and creditors showed up at the door.

The idea that the leaders of this den of thieves continued to help themselves to the cash even while depriving their brothers is hardly surprising, but it’s an ominous sign: when thieves fall out, it’s usually because the easy money’s gone and the band is left scratching and squabbling for what’s left, and that includes the Hartford pols who have been sharing in this scam. So look for another tax on Fairfield County.

I leave you with an “Indian Dream” I found on the Internet. The author is anonymous, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was penned by our Lottery Commissioner/Indian Lover himself, Francis Fudrucker:

i walk from the Forrest a male wolf, i dig and fresh soil fills my lungs… i pant hard from the journey to come to the opening i now stand. i feel no more reason to cry, i am now a bird in the air, soaring above the sparkling river winding like snakes below. i perch on a mountain overlooking the clear skies, blanketed by clouds on fire below at dusk. as night falls i fall with it back through the clouds and land a female owl. i am both, my prey and i choose to become both the grass, and bufflo.


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  1. AJ

    Sounds like the Indians of “Indian Dreams” are Buddhas; ah, the perennial philosophy — phenomenon is noumenon, noumenon is phenomenon. Here from a pdf of Wei Wu Wei’s “Open Secret”

    WHEN THE beetle sees, it is I that am looking,
    When the nightingale sings, it is I that am singing,
    When the lion roars, it is I that am roaring.
    But when I look for myself, I can see nothing—for
    no thing is there to be seen.
    Sile cannot see me either, for when she tries to see
    me it is I who am looking: she can do nothing—for only I can
    do anything.
    The beetle can say that also, and Sile, for we are
    not three, nor two, nor one.
    I am the sea too, and the stars, the wind and the rain,
    I am everything that has form—for form is my seeing
    of it.
    I am every sound—for sound is my hearing of it,
    I am all flavours, each perfume, whatever can be
    For that which is perceptible is my perceiving of it,
    And all sentience is mine.
    They have no other existence, and neither have I—for
    what they are I am, and what I am they are.
    What the universe is I am, and what I am the universe
    And there is no other at all, nor any one whatsoever.
    Gāte, gāte, paragāte, parasamgāte, Bodhi! Svāhā!

    — from pg 130 of the pdf.

  2. Or pantheistic, AJ (here, courtesy of e.e. cummings): whatever, so long as it isn’t Christian–so yucky to the credentialed elite!

    i thank You God for most this amazing
    day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
    and a blue dream of sky;and for everything
    which is natural which is infinite which is yes

    (i who have died am alive again today,
    and this is the sun’s birthday;this is the birth
    day of life and love and wings;and of the gay
    great happening ilimitably earth)

    how should tasting touching hearing seeing
    breathing any – lifted from the no
    of all nothing – human merely being
    doubt unimaginable You?

    (now the ears of my ears awake and
    now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

    • Yeah but neither of your entries captures the image of suffocation presented with such genius by our Indian Sprit:

      i dig and fresh soil fills my lungs

      You and AJ do as you wish – I’m sticking with the poet

      • AJ

        That depends on what kind o’ soil you be diggin’ in, and whether you prefer musk o’ deer over musk o’ rat. I myself, prefer the scent of the stinky little common musk turtle:

        • AJ

          BTW, it is courage that makes the muskrat guard his musk. Just a small fact that may give further insight to words of the Indian Spirit.

        • AJ

          Sorry I don’t know how the cave video came up, somehow the url didn’t change with the page. The correct muskrat video:

    • AJ

      That is indeed pantheism which is limited to the universe, Wei Wu Wei is about panentheism which transcends pantheism. “All Else is Bondage” is Wei Wu Wei’s base book of which all his others expand upon, and is a much easier read. Here’s a link to a pdf of the “All Else is Bondage” book, but it presents only ten sections out of the full thirty-four.


  3. Anonymous

    Judging from the photos this it’s an African tribe, not Native American.

  4. pokerone

    Religious philosophy aside, these people were given everything and in a short twenty years are back to where they started from. It was a grand government giveaway, like welfare on steroids, which should but won’t be a lesson to the leftist in power. My father, who worked in commercial credit all his life had a saying, “If you equally divided all the money in the world in a month it would be back to where it started from.”

  5. AJ

    Here’s an interesting film about the Founding Fathers, their philosophy and religious beliefs. The premise of the film which is a jaw dropper, so he slowly builds his case, doesn’t come out until the end of the film, and that is that the founders were illuminati, that they stood for freedom of thought which is freedom of religion and that is not obedience to the word of God — yeah, let’s go back to the days of the inquisition; I guess he would appoint himself as arbiter of the Word. But according to this filmmaker, even Unitarians are not Christians because they don’t believe in the Trinity, which by the way is not even in the Gospels, but was an idea that was developed later in history.

    While the premise of this film is absurd, it’s chock full of interesting historical tidbits, and the more he attacks the founders, in my opinion, the better and more honorable they all appear. They were pretty cool guys, who put their money where there mouth was. Don’t see a lot of that happening with politicians these days.

  6. Foxman 1

    There is a GREAT book on the phony Mashantucket Pequots called “Hitting the Jackpot” by Brett D. Fromson. It tracks the whole effort of Skip Hayward (1/16 Indian by blood) to pad the tribal roles with fake Indians in order to get federal recognition and legal gambling. Look for it on Amazon.com here: http://www.amazon.com/Hitting-Jackpot-Inside-Richest-History/dp/0802141714

  7. Anonymous

    Lowell was the beginning of the end of a once great State. He put the income tax in to solve all our budget problems, remmeber ONLY 4.5%! HA then and HA on us now. It was and is a permit to steal. The only thing equal to Lowell’s ego is our State deficit.

  8. I remember Weicker, in an interview in the Times shortly before leaving office, bitterly proclaiming by pushing through the income tax he was the only one with the guts to “clean out Augean stables” of the state fisc. It has long been obvious he was instead shoveling in fresh supplies.

  9. The Duke of Deception

    Lowell Weicker is a piece of merde.

    The Duke and Mrs Duke had lunch at Mohegan Sun yesterday (Bobby Flay’s Burgers are very good), otherwise the whole place is an exercise in depresssion. Since we live in SE CT thought we’d check it out. Visiting the Casino’s causes one to fear for the future of America and the Western world. What a shit hole.

  10. pokerone

    In my hurry to draw comparisons between the Faux Indians license to operate a gaming facility and welfare,

    “the Mashantuckets are a phony band of indians dreamed up by then Senator Lowell Weicker in order to bring legalized gambling to our state,”

    I completely missed that Massachusetts has a newly minted Faux Indian US Senator, Elizabeth Warren, who has in the past claimed to be part Cherokee to work the affirmative action side of the street. She also claims to be the intellectual inspiration of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and is a Harvard Law Professor. Poor Harvard, a laughingstock of a diminished brand.