Hell, we used to leave our kids some rubber boots and we’d drive off with Casey

Fred Camillo (in hat, right)

Fred Camillo (in hat)

State rep Fred Camillo (still appearing in public with the argyle sweaters his mother knits him, alas) is urging our emergency shelters to accept pets along with their human companions. Makes sense to me, perhaps, because there are many people who would rather risk drowning than leave a beloved pet behind. Other towns permit it, so when our emergency manager says “we’d prefer not to have them”, that doesn’t sound like a particularly valid objection. There are lots of things bureaucrats would prefer unruly citizens not do because it upsets the nice, orderly plans they  have devised, but so what?

Maybe there are good reasons not to do this but at least at first consideration, it seems like a worthwhile change that could be made to work. If space is an issue, barring squalling toddlers and sulky teens would free up room for well behaved Shitshus. Worth exploring, anyway.


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4 responses to “Hell, we used to leave our kids some rubber boots and we’d drive off with Casey

  1. Anon

    Maybe it’s not feasible, but I’d have two emergency shelters – one pet friendly, the other not. Pet owners forget that others are not enamored with Spot’s sneeze-inducing dander. Some people are simply afraid of dogs. To add a layer of stress in an emergency situation doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. AJ

    Don’t be surprised if the argyle is a devious and most clever tactic to pyschologically disarm those who might oppose him. What happened to peoples pets (members of their families) in Hurricane Katrina is beyond disgusting. I think the man armored in argyle is right: shelters are a last resort and it is absolutely imperative that everyone knows that they can bring their entire family to a shelter. If you have allergies or are scared of whatever it is you’re scared of, bring Benadryl, go to a hotel. This catering to the lowest denominator will eventually have us all living in rubber rooms eating our food with rubber forks and knives if it’s allowed to continue.

  3. Cobra

    Dogs are OK. Just keep ex-wives out of the shelters.

  4. Just Wondering

    Can you bring your arms to a shelter?
    Does anyone Check?