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What is Homeland Security doing with a BILLION rounds of ammunition?

Here’s where it’s going, but no explanation of how the department intends to use so much (more ammunition than has been fired in the war in Iraq to date, and I understand that was a busy place). Homeland has purchased  hollow point bullets, by the way, which are outlawed under the Geneva Convention, so any surplus can’t be given to or used by the military – domestic use only, which makes me, at least, wonder what it’s all for?

Mental defectives have a right to a representative in government, too!

Mental defectives have a right to be represented in government, too!

Here in the Nutmeg state the Democrat Senate Majority Leader with the entirely appropriate name of Martin Looney wants to register and regulate buyers of ammunition. “A gun without ammunition is only a club. We really need to restrict access to ammunition,” Looney said.

Looney almost certainly has no idea that felons are already barred by federal law from buying ammunition, but I wonder whether he’s aware of exactly how much gunpowder and lead is now, thanks to Homeland Security, waiting to be stolen (by felons, probably). If you believe that a government agency can keep track of a billion of anything: dollars, bullets or vacation spending by the president, then you have a far greater faith in bureaucracy than I do. Or you’re a Democrat.


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