A brilliant idea, long overdue

Vandalized Prius

Vandalized Prius

Oregon wants to impose a separate tax on hybrids to make up for lost gasoline revenues. Eschewing anything so simple as raising the gasoline tax itself, which would tax drivers for the amount they drive and encourage conservation, Oregon greens would install GPS tracking devices on Priuses and charge them a special rate. What liberal wouldn’t love this? It’s intrusive, ineffective, expensive and grows the bureaucracy while hitting those who can afford to pay more, rather than the illegal cabbage pickers in their 1960 Impalas. Go, Oregon!


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20 responses to “A brilliant idea, long overdue

  1. Fred2

    Oh … you know, I’m so sick of the continual avalanche of stupidity like this. (the belling of priuses, to be clear)

    Would it not be easier to just check the mile-0-meter once a year, if you had to do something this dumb?

    Yes. Yes, it would. Much cheaper too.

    I swear my next car is going to be a clunker that drinks more oil than gas, just for the shear pleasure of smoking down the street like a burning tire and torquing the eco weenies.

    I had a pal with a car like that, never needed to do an oil change per se.
    He wanted it to die, but it ran and ran for years.

  2. not so anonymouse

    I notice an “Impeach Obama “ sticker on the Prius… !

  3. Anonymous

    That car and its bumper stickers are a complete contradiction. 99% of Priuses on the road today sport a Hope sticker.

  4. shoeless

    I noticed.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Fer sure that’s my kinda eco-weenie!

  6. Anonymous

    prius drivers are pricks, generally. there’s the occasional kind older person who’s in one, likely because their prick child bought them one or shamed the parent into buying one.

    i generally enjoy blowing my truck’s diesel exhaust all over the righteously indignant prius drivers with obama stickers. it’s one of the smaller pleasures in life.

  7. Anonymous2

    About time the ecotrendies got whacked in the wallet for all they’ve done to the rest of us.

  8. Peg

    I’m sure their ultimate aim is to get virtually all of the income of people under the control of government. After all; they know so very much better than the rest of us do where it all ought to go. The Soviet Union of Oregon; I love it!

    How on EARTH do Americans keep on voting for this immoral insanity? I feel like Alice, dropped utterly through the looking glass.

    • AJ

      If you like that idea, then you’ll love this one:
      “If you thought mannequins watching you while you shop was a creepy thought, what about your DVR watching you on the couch? This is the future Verizon has in store for targeted marketing.

      Ars Technica writes Verizon has filed a patent titled, “Methods and Systems for Presenting an Advertisement Associated with an Ambient Action of a User.” And yes, it’s as creepy as it sounds.

      The technology produces targeted advertisements based on what you’re doing at that particular moment. Upon hearing of this tech, my first thought was, “So, if you’re having sex, do you get a condom commercial?” The answer? Basically, yeah…”

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    I feel like Alice, dropped utterly through the looking glass.

    Yes Peg, it is more than a bit mind bending at times. Something akin to a trek through strawberry fields without the benefit of a Lysergic Acid dose to come off of and have everything return to normal (not that I know anything about that of course).

  10. pulled up in OG

    Provenance: Go back and check w/Alaska repug Don Young.

    108th Congress – 2004 – H.R. 3550
    109th Congress – 2005 – H.R. 3
    Public Law 109-59 signed by The Shrub 8/10/05

  11. HouseHuner2013

    It would best to can the gasoline tax and just have these GPS trackers with a 3rd party to anonymize the data. You can then see which roads get used and make sure they get the dollars associated with them. If you have a couple houses down a rural road and the usage revenue doesn’t cover them, let them go to dirt roads or let those residents pay the difference. It also helps support privatized roads and lets toll processes be more efficient.