Abortion Mill

save the childrenPlanned Parenthood’s results for 2011 are out and the numbers are interesting. Summary is here.

333,964 abortions performed in 2011 – three year total, 995,687, just missing that magic million mark, darn it! (2010-2011 Annual Report, p.5)

$542 million received in taxpayer money in 2011, 45% of budget.

92% of its “pregnancy services” is providing abortions, 7% prenatal care, 0.6% adoption.

Love abortion or hate it, it would be nice if the left stopped referring to Planned Parenthood as some sort of womens’ health care provider and admitted to what it is: an abortion mill. Then we can debate whether taxpayers should fund it.


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  1. Peg

    I strongly believe that the philosophy behind Roe v Wade is accurate – and that in the 1st trimester, choice about an abortion should be up to the pregnant woman. That being said – I have no clue why it is the responsibility of the federal government and the taxpayer to pay for that abortion.

    And – I agree with you, Chris. Cut the bullshit; “Planned Parenthood” should really be called “Planned LACK of Parenthood.” The two primary purposes of the organization are to provide birth control and then abortions when unwanted pregnancy occurs. Of course, if they had honesty in advertising – ight be a wee tougher getting the public $$$$. Still – that is the “progressive” way, isn’t it?

    • Inagua

      Peg – Your theory is correct, but like so much of what we libertarians want, it goes against human nature in two respects.

      First, for many pregnant women legal abortion is not enough; they expect someone else to pay for it.

      Second, the government must pay for this because abortion advocates are mostly all liberal, which means they will never do anything privately that they can pressure the government to take on.

      Everything that can reduce unwanted pregnancy should be done, from sex ed to condoms to pills to Plan B, and must be paid for by the government, unfortunately.

  2. Mark B.

    I’m taking heat about my black rifle, the one that sits quietly in my gun safe, and some paper wants to list my address on line because I have a pistol that spends its life pointed di-RECT-ly at my genitals and nothing else; this, in the same country that embraces Planned Parenthood and alcohol, though usually not in that order.

  3. Anonymous

    If abortions were not underwritten by tax dollars we would have many unplanned for and unwanted children (apparently more than 300,000 a year) who would then be in public schools, many of them receiving additional benefits from other entitlement programs as well. It is a lot cheaper to pay for an abortion than to pay to raise a child. There is a very good chapter in Freakonomics about this issue. The two economists credit a drop in the number of felons to increased access to abortion. In a nutshell, access to abortion allows women to terminated unwanted pregnancies when otherwise they would give birth to children they don’t want and cannot afford to, or don’t want to raise. Some of these children grow up to be criminals.

    Chris, can you link to your the full statistics? How much money does Planned Parenthood spend on birth control as opposed to abortions?

    • Sorry, links were inadvertently left out – they’re up now. My point is not really so much about abortion as it is the pretense that we don’t know what Planned Parenthood is doing. We as a country may well feel that culling the welfare ranks by aborting poor folks is an economically sound policy, but let’s have that discussion, not the pretense that we’re directing young girls to our government sponsored clinic for pap smears and condoms.

    • Sorebone

      “two economists credit a drop in the number of felons to increased access to abortion”. I think a more defensible argument could be raised that an enormous increase in child abuse, child neglect, school violence and pedophilia is a result of a society that values life as little as does ours. I fear we are only a few election cycles shy of hearing politicians pander to the far left that euthenasia should be considered an “option” for children born with disabilities.

  4. The Duke of Deception

    Two flies are sitting on a piece of shit. One of them cuts a big fart and the other says ” do you mind, I’m trying to eat here”.

    Posted by a drunk old white guy who owns a coupla guns.

  5. armonk

    Planned Parenthood, the ultimate euphemism. Right up there with the French Revolutions’s “Committee of Public Safety.”

  6. NewsJunkie

    http://www.isteve.com/freakonomics_fiasco.htm Freakonomics claim that Roe v.Wade reduced crime is a fallacy that has been corrected, but the counter-argument never took hold because it didn’t fit “the abortion is good for society” meme.

  7. NewsJunkie

    http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/dialogues/features/1999/does_abortion_prevent_crime/_5.html For the clearest understanding of how Leavitt got it wrong in Freakonomics, read this Slate post. Entries 1 and 3 are by Leavitt, and Entries 2 and 4 are by the challenger Sailer.

  8. Anonymous

    First, one must go and see the services provided. Second, this is the only venue for some women that details FEMALE health treatment. For non medical persons the vagina has other medical issues beyond sex and babies. This just shows your medical ignorance. We can list the many issues that are not related to pregnancy or abortion: (i.e. UTI, urinary tract infects, periods, fibroids, ovarian issues, back pain, hormonal/ endocrine. Sometimes, this is the first medical facility that diagnoses diabetes via urine analysis. Third, the dollar comments are incredibly true from public health perspective!!! Raising an unwanted child breeds more problems and costs then anyone wants to deal with. In fact, we are cutting those programs. Therefore, treating healthy people, educating young women, providing birth control and women’s health is a responsibility not a choice for a well functioning society. To wish these issues away because you don’t morally agree with people’s ignorant decisions is a fools errand. “Paying for it” isn’t always with hard dollars! The question is how, when and how much are we, as a society want to “pay for it”. Go speak to some of the women who use these facilities before passing judgments from a far.

  9. Betsy Young

    Amen Chris!

    Betsy Young ☺

  10. Greenwich Atheist

    To the posters above, can you answer a question that has always bugged me?

    Why are you against government regulation, but believe that the government has a place in telling women whether they have the right to control their own body? From what I understand, PP is mostly privatley funded organization (in fact, it was once 100% funded by a single person).

    Not saying I am for abortion across the board, just don’t understand why this is not a PRIVATE medical decision. Would hate to have the government decide whether or not I could have my hemorrhoid removed.

    • Federal funds (from annual report, linked to in posting): $524 million. Private funds: $183 million.
      Some people oppose abortion because they see a difference between a fetus and a hemorrhoid.

      • Greenwich Atheist

        I stand corrected about funding. Fetus vs hemorrhoid is a religious issue which I think may have been dealt with in the Constitution.

        • I don’t think the constitution dealt with it-but my point, again, is that we should stop pretending that Planned Parenthood is a health clinic dedicated to treating women’s vaginas, as one commenter insists, and debate our funding an abortion chain shop.

        • Riverside Chick

          They only perform abortions once a week then the other days are actually dedicated to health issues involving woman’s vaginas and breasts including breast cancer screening. They also offer STD and AIDS screening (tests) for men as well. They really do offer many other Heath related tests (pap smear for cervical cancer) for people that can’t afford $400 plus for a gyno appt.

  11. Anonymous

    The philosophy of Roe v. Wade goes far beyond abortion rights in the first trimester. Roe v. Wade protects abortion on demand up to viability, or basically right up to to the 3rd trimester. Post viability, or third trimester, legal abortion is still protected for health reasons, including mental health. This loop hole essentially permits 9 month abortion on demand for any reason.

  12. Riverside Chick

    Private Drs /obgyn do not do abortions. Women have to go to a clinic. If private Drs performed the procedure , the number would be way down at planned parenthood.
    Also, women pay for the abortions, they are not free.

  13. Riverside Chick

    Also , if you call Brookside Obgyn ( biggest Greenwich group) and say you need to terminate a pregnancy they refer you to Planned Parenhood.

  14. Publius

    It is interesting that liberals would like to the government to stay out of the bedroom, but they are very welcoming to federal dollars when things do not turn out as planned. Yes, reproductive rights no longer means the right to reproduce, which I am not aware is under attack, but now has semantically mutated into the right to abortion and to have someone else foot the bill. Reproductive rights sounds more health care related and less harsh than the word “abortion”.

    This may seem naive to some, but individuals have choices and making bad choices should have consequences. Unfortunately we live in the “whatever” society as in “pregnant?”, “abortion/adoption?”…… “Whatever!” The abortion choice is very personal and as such should be left to the individual to decide. This ability to do this is setteld law as enshrined in the Roe V Wade decision. The issue becomes should “society” pay for something that is intrinsically very individual. That is where the debate lies not in the histronics of the left that reproducitve rights are being taken away.

    As for those who view abortion as a Malthusian way to reduce unwanted human beings and being a good thing, I would flip the argument around and ask how many human beings did not make it into this world whom may have had an extraordinary positive impact on our lives? Naive? Aboslutely, however if one honestly thinks about this issue perhaps there is more truth than naivete. Consider that those who read this blog are able to do so because a choice was made to bring you into this world. Although you may think yourself special, who says that was the case when you were in utero. I find it ironic that those who have been allowed to pass through the door are often very quick to close it behind them.

  15. tiresome

    Sometimes I wonder if years from now people will question how government funded abortions were sanctioned by our generation much like how our children question how good people could allow the Holocaust.

  16. Riverside Chick

    Tiresome and Anom: Exactly my point. There would be much less need for funding if women had the option of going to their private Drs. Right now,as I pointed out, women have to go to a clinic. 90% if the abortions performed now are not surgical, they are done by 2 separate pills, one to stop the hormone production and the other to make the uterus contact to expel the lining of the uterus. Now it is not an expensive procedure- let the private Drs handle the procedure and the funding needed would be much less.

  17. Mickster

    Any demographical breakdown of the aborted babies?

    • I don’t know if this is the definitive map, but it is one.

      Riverside Chick: I am of the understanding that some doctors still do abortions. Is it a matter of knowing which doctor to call or are you saying they will all say no?

      • Riverside Chick

        It is my understanding that most private Drs no not do the procedure and patients are referred to clinics. In this area option is Planned Patenthood it All Women’s Healtb Clinic in White Plains. It’s interesting because in this case it doesn’t matter how much money you have or what your coverage is, you all go to the same clinic.

        • RC: A peer of one of my four children got an abortion recently- in the city. Private doctor. Private office. And I assume, but I don’t know, money was exchanged for the “privilege” of not going to the same PP clinic. I do think money does matter.

    • Anon

      Hey, an idea for the Journal News. Map the people who have gotten an abortion. If the data is tracked, it’s got to be accessible through the same FOIA request process. If abortions are legal, and they are, what’s the difference between posting legal gun owners addresses and those who have abortions? The irony is that the legal gun owners didn’t kill anyone.

      • Riverside Chick

        Probably because a lot of them are minors and it could be a problem when you see your sons girlfriend’s name posted

  18. Anonymous

    This country is definitely divided into 2 classes. Many of these comments are from one. Interview a real physician and nurse at a facility. Meet the patients and their issues. It is easy to judge from ivory towers. The “right to life’ has more complexity than just an opportunity to be born. One has to sustain a life with food and shelter and beyond. I am not sure if born under terrible circumstances (including poverty, crime, rape, lack of birth control, abuse, drugs) warrants the overwhelming negative statistics for adulthood. Again, PP is not just an abortion facility. It also prevents abortions by providing birth control. But, I’m guessing you don’t believe in that either. Ask your daughters their perspectives or poor women w/o insurance. If you don’t like abortion don’t get one! Take a hard look not at the provider but at the receivers to understand someones life and hardships. But, think if your personal choices were trapped by others’ opinions? When the shoe on the other foot suddenly, its invasive when it directly affects you ie gun control, alcohol, driving, truancy, college debt, taxes. Women should have rights for health including abortion within reason and people should have the right to bear arms within reason and students should attend school and graduate to have a productive future.

  19. Anonymous

    Riverside chick where did you go to medical school? If demographics partake in a large part of the demographic who do you think is paying for it any way. The other pocket – Medicaid.

  20. Medicus

    Riverside chick seems to have a profound misunderstanding not only of abortion locally but pregnancy in general.
    First, the first trimester ends at thirteen weeks, the second at twenty eight weeks.
    Second, abortion is legal in almost all states until twenty four weeks, which is interestingly the age at which medical professionals consider the fetus viable.
    Third, four states including Kansas and Alaska allow abortion until 30 weeks
    Fourth, no state allows abortion virtually until term, instead as those fetuses are viable they are delivered if the mother’s life is at risk.
    Fifth, many private practices in Fairfield and Westchester counties do in fact do terminations. They simply keep it quiet and usually for long term patients. They do not want to be called abortion mills or be picketed by right to lifers
    Sixth, in fact only one third to one half of Planned Parenthoods terminations are done by medication. Most are surgical and all those above 12 weeks are.
    Seventh, 37% of their patients are on Medicaid and an additional 12% are on Medicare. The remaining patients pay for the procedure via private insurance. Less than 15% pay cash.
    Eighth, 5-10% of the medically induced abortions and at least 3% of the surgical abortion patients end up in our local hospital emergency rooms for retained tissue and bleeding. These complications are handled by and large by private practitioners, usually for free as a large number are Medicaid patients. The doctors don’t even bother to bill Medicaid because the payment might be $20 for an hours work and you may see the money in two years. ( These are the same people who are bringing you Obamacare, by the way. That should work out really well. )
    She is, correct that most Planned Parenthood facilities only do terminations a few days a week.

  21. Walt

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    • Kmi125

      Not sure about stats…but I will never forget a good friend of mine, afraid to tell her mother that she was pregnant had an abortion performed there and nearly died days later due to it being performed incorrectly.