Nothing new but some rentals and condos

Cos Cob meets West Lyon

Cos Cob meets West Lyon

Nothing of particular interest to write about, though I did note a West Lyon Farm condominium has come up for sale and is asking $1.395 million. The owner paid $925,000 for it in 2010 and has completely renovated it with a new kitchen, new baths, etc. All that’s nice to have, but I haven’t seen a W. Lyon Farm unit sell for that kind of money in some years now and I’m skeptical I will again. The ancient downsizers  who used to prop up prices here all seem to have shuffled off to Nathaniel Witherell or found more permanent underground lodging, and their replacements are going elsewhere.


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10 responses to “Nothing new but some rentals and condos

  1. Anonymous

    I heard rumors that there was a belle haven home in trouble? Is that true?

  2. I think many people my age (65+) are coming to realize downsizing isn’t all that great an idea. We did it after the last rugrat flew the coop and we hate it!!! When everyone comes home, now with significant others and grandkids, we are like sardines. I drive by our old bigger house and look longingly. We’re not ready for Nathaniel Wetherill but as someone said in a post a while ago about aging, many of us baby boomers would rather hire someone to come to our home to change our diapers and wipe the drool rather than go somewhere to pay for that service. So maybe the West Lyon Farms concept isn’t as viable as it was twenty years ago.

  3. Anonymous

    west lyon could become a private nursing facility, much like leisure california and arizona.

  4. D

    Couldn’t agree more EOS. My parents have held onto the old big house and could not have been happier this past christmas when so many came home my little brother was left with the couch to sleep on! Everyone had a blast.

  5. Anonymous

    Why is it that we so so few seniors (65+) in Greenwich. I could count on one hand the number I’ve seen over the last year.

  6. InfoDiva

    Just folly to hold on to (and heat at $4/gallon) a big house just so that the kids can come home for four nights a year. My Greenwich friends who have downsized host the kids for a week at Xmas at a big rented house on the beach in Florida, and they say everyone is much happier that way.

    • Anonymous

      Blah. Florida. My friends like to go home, not Florida, especially for Christmas. Add a couple of wood stoves and voila big house is nice and toasty, saving on oil. Or wear a couple more sweaters.

  7. finally a funny picture

    the only thing missing is granny in a bikini shoveling snow