Only Democrats invited to Newtown massacre site (including that perennial camera hog Dick Blumenthal), but it’s not political?

Republican to Gabby Giffords: “stay out of my towns”. The Dems all insist that they were in Newtown to lend aid and comfort to the victims of the recent school horror but what, they were all of the same party by coincidence?

Still, while I think the Republican was right to call them out on this bit of grandstanding I wish she’d have shown a little backbone when issuing the standard non-apology for these sort of incidents:

“The remarks I made regarding Congresswoman Gifford’s visit were insensitive and if I offended anyone I truly apologize,” Hovey said in a prepared statement released Monday afternoon.

Well of course you offended people, lady, that was the point . Is there a politician left in America who can denounce his opponent without then pretending to backtrack with one of these “if I offended anyone” statements? If you’re sorry, say so; if not, stick to your guns.


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8 responses to “Only Democrats invited to Newtown massacre site (including that perennial camera hog Dick Blumenthal), but it’s not political?

  1. heston look like

    blumenthal and heston look a like. one died in 2008 though.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think Gabby Giffords can be lumped in with all other politicians.

  3. AJ

    CF, I thought you knew: never say you’re sorry, always apologize instead; and you can distance yourself even more from the offence by saying, “if I offended anyone” — not someone. What you’re offended? I had no idea. Oh, you bruise so easily my delicate friend. You’re right though, we need more politicians who say what they mean and mean what they say — more principle and less walking on eggshells, or if you prefer, pussyfooting around.

  4. Hovey was wrong to make such a stupid comment on Facebook. It’s sad but understandable that she has to backtrack her words. That’s the way politics is today – two-faced.

    The larger issue for me is Gabby Giffords…if she really wanted to speak to the Newtown families, she should have done so without the media and without an entourage, especially a gaggle of politicians!!! Not to diminish her tragedy in any way, she seems like a genuine caring human, but I do think it’s odd that she and her husband now “market” themselves as a brand – they trot Gabby out at so many kinds of tragic events. Again, what Gabby suffered was horrible. She has come a long long way (thanks to excellent healthcare, by the way, and an unlimited budget to send her to several different hospitals and get the best speech pathologists – but that’s a whole nother discussion!) but in my mind, by appearing at the scene of other tragedies takes away from the one she visits. Does that make any sense?

  5. Suethemall was recently descibed in a Greeenwich Time article as a Greenwich native !
    Did we take over Brooklyn ?
    Despite diagreeing with him on most issues at least there is not getting around where he stands. He is straightforward wrong. The opposite of the Waffler In Chief. We should try to “educate him” on the values we were raised with especially bieng adamently non dependent of government assistance from ourselves to our Town.