Sooner or later, this will sell

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 10.14.56 AM4 Lockwood Drive, 0.19 acre, 1940 house, is back again, now asking $1.150 million. Its owner tried $1.699 million in 2006-2007 yet eleven price changes and four brokers later it is still available. It’s a decent house but with zero room for expansion, a family room carved out of what had once served as the garage and not much in the way of updating, this one’s a hard sell, even at its new price. What on earth were they thinking when they priced it back in 2006?


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  1. Charlotte

    Readers might want to call Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti, Tarrytown, Westchester County, NY at his office (914) 631-1605, but make sure you record your call. Mr. Abinanti strongly supports the J-N publication of the interactive map. Claims the map is good because people need to know whether there are guns in a house where their kids go to play. Guess they trust their neighbors to have their kids play there, but have never previously thought to just ask the trusted neighbor whether they have guns because they don’t like guns. Citizens apparently need a mapto tell them who to trust because they can’t figure it out on their own (anybody have an interactive map that identifies liberals? Now THAT map would be useful!) I just called that office and spoke with Alisa Jacobs (sp?). She was very animated. She began screaming at me and accusing me of threatening the assemblyman (didn’t happen, but you already know that), and said she would call the police to report me. So I called the police to report her – in fact, I called three different agencies to report that I had been threatened by a member of Mr. Abinanti’s staff, and that she told me she intended to file a false report to the police. I also tried to reach Mr. Abinanti’s Chief of Staff (same number, unfortunately) and Alisa wouldn’t put me into her voice mail! I think it was Alisa Jacobs, Director of Constituent Services, because hers is the only name other than Joanne Sold, Chief of Staff, that the Albany Office voice mail- (518) 455-5753- identifies as a worker at the Tarrytown Office.

    I wouldn’t want to be incorrect on Alisa’s name or its spelling. Anyone know her? I would be interested in obtaining correct information

  2. Anon

    The listing must still think its 1940 as it touts “cable TV” as a feature.

  3. Rivman

    They are probably trying to sell before the mold becomes apparent.

  4. D

    I walked this place last summer at a public open house. Chris – You’re being very generous in your description calling it decent!

    Anon – Here’s the hilarious video: