When trees hug back


Big Gulp

Big Gulp

Woman discovers her bicycle lost fifty years ago, swallowed by a tree.


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4 responses to “When trees hug back

  1. Mark B.

    And we all laughed at Charlie Brown…

  2. AJ

    Sort of like the old tulip tree down by the Tod’s mansion — between the mansion and the cow barn — that swallowed up an iron fence.

  3. Fred2

    Ents were happy to comment but are still accepting to comment.

    Seriously, picture is ludicrous, some one stuck the bike in the crook of a tree and it grew around it, it wasn’t leaned against a tree.

    Trees do not grow up except at the tip, they grow out. (i.e. you can tap in a nail 3ft about the the ground the 15 years later it’s still 3ft about the ground, but the tree has grown around it.

  4. Artie

    I have seen the same picture with someone referring to it’s previous owner as one who had gone off to war and never returned. Darn interweb!