But he gave us free birth control pills!

God you're easy

God you’re easy

NYT: Obama’s war on women.

….Mr. Obama has put together a national security team dominated by men, with Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts nominated to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton as the secretary of state, Chuck Hagel chosen to be the defense secretary and John O. Brennan nominated as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Given the leading contenders for other top jobs, including chief of staff and Treasury secretary, Mr. Obama’s second-term inner circle appears likely to be dominated by men.



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5 responses to “But he gave us free birth control pills!

  1. Other Guy

    is this proof the Muslim Brotherhood is in power?

    • Mazama

      No, it’s proof that Obama wants to keep women barefoot and not pregnant.

      Be patient. Proof that Muslim Brotherhood is pulling strings at 1600 PA Ave will come out soon enough.

  2. Peg

    I’ve always maintained that the best people available should be selected – irrespective of other details. SOOOO glad that the lefties are now coming around to my way of thinking – LOL!!

  3. AJ

    Maybe, he’s just appointing his idea of hotties.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Wow, looks like Sandra is climaxing right there on stage. That be some kick-ass Juju Obama has… even for a gay guy (JK. I have no idea where his preferences lie)