Counting your chickens before they hatch, department of


We're in!

We’re in!

Muslim Brotherhood claims six of its members have infiltrated Obama administration. So far, it’s only five: Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearings haven’t even begun yet.


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6 responses to “Counting your chickens before they hatch, department of

  1. Balzac

    Fiscal train wreck, department of

    “If President Obama wants another loan from the American people, then his party controlling the Senate owes them a budget plan detailing how their money will be spent,” said the spokesman for Rep. Senator Sessions.

    Contrary to law, the democrat-controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget in years. This tell us all we need to know about Obama’s attitude toward arithmetic and the government’s finances.

  2. Dollar Bill

    Not content to slime him, as you did yesterday, as an “anti-American pacifist,”now you’re trying to paint Hagel as Muslim Brotherhood, all based on some spurious piece on a crackpot, David Horowitz or Steven Emerson website? Is this character assassination you regularly traffic in supposed to be your idea of fun? Because Hagel has the courage and intellectual integrity not to slavishly toe the Likud line, as you Tea Party nutjobs do. To his credit, Hagel has said he takes an oath of office to the Constitution, not to the Republican Party or the Democratic Party or to the state of Israel. In my book, that makes him a loyal patriot, despite the vain attempts from you and other character assassins like Huckleberry Graham to drag him into the dirt. Have you no sense of decency, at long last?

  3. AJ

    Dollar Bill, apparently you do not know what it means to get slimed. Let me enlighten you:

  4. Balzac

    $ Bill, are you saying David Horowitz is a crackpot? He actually lived and breathed the radical leftism which incubated Obama. He knows that it ultimately is religion, not science, and that it is anti-democratic and deadly. He also has courage. Steven Emerson – hadn’t heard of him before – former assistant to Dem. senator Frank Church…Emerson wrote a book highly critical of Reagan’s policies. For you, is Emerson a crackpot, too?

    We don’t confuse your howls with thinking.

  5. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke proposes a FWIW contest:
    The Dumbest American Currently Alive!!!!

    DB will win easily, but let’s see how many hits we get.

    Fun stuff.