Here’s a sale that slipped past my notice New Year’s eve.


Dumpster Duck

Dumpster Duck

30 Rapids Lane asked $2.450 million 600+ days ago, sold for $1.375. 2.88 acres of rocks and wet stuff, but close to town, off Winding Lane.


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7 responses to “Here’s a sale that slipped past my notice New Year’s eve.

  1. I am not sure from your photo caption if this house ducked from going into the dumpster or if the house is doing a new dance in the dumpster, the dumpster duck….anyway, is there anyway of finding out how many demo permits were pulled in Greenwich in 2012? Seems you’ve posted alot of stories about houses so doomed. Is the permit fee based on the square footage being demolished?

    PS: Walt is off his game today. Usually he reminds you that you’ve forgotten Elvis Presley’s birthday – he’d be 78 today. Elvis, not Walt, but if Peeps were still around, I believe she’d call Walt her hunka hunka burning love!

  2. Westchesterer

    Wow, that seems cheap, especially for 3 acres. That would evel sell for more in westchester. That might be a decent building lot at that price, looking at comps in the area. Did 15 Vineyard lane really sell for 2.3 in 2011, which is what Zillow says.

  3. Anonymous

    saw this one. it will be a challenge to build on the land

  4. Anonymous

    Extremely challenging to build…house sits right up against a stream. Existing house is a dumpster duck….out of date, wood rot, etc. Majority of land is up hill behind house ….need a bridge and a lot of blasting to do much.

    Surprised it went for as much as it did…maybe the neighbor bought it to build up his cul de sac buffer!

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s possible to build here. I think you are stuck with the current dump.

  6. Anonymous

    15 Vineyard was a divorce, so the reported value is only half. Still a good buy.

  7. Westchesterer

    That sounds more reasonable for 15 Vineyard.