Magic beans in India

No electricity, no highways, no infrastructure at all to support new factories, India wants to ban all high tech imports if they aren’t manufactured there, starting in April. You’d think they have imported our own politicians to run their country  : pass a law, it will happen. Wind power, anyone?


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5 responses to “Magic beans in India

  1. Reader

    I recently received an email from our Congressman Jim Himes bragging about his support of “Buy American” provisions in legislation, including the stimulus act. If the US abandons free trade, should we be surprised that others follow our folly?

  2. Cos Cobber

    Jim drives a range rover. ‘Buy American’ makes political sense, but rarely practiced by those in power.

    Further on this tangent, I find proud union members who drive foreign or nonunion made cars hypocrites. While these people foist their union on the public (whether they are nurses, toll collectors, teachers, construction works or utility workers, etc), they acknowledge that plain old free competition and value (quality/price) rules. And your choice of auto is a big deal with respect to the economy. It’s the second largest allocation of one’s income after shelter for the vast majority of households.