Putting the car before the horse

Proper English style demonstrated

Proper English style demonstrated

From our Irish correspondent, this tale of old Ireland, still flourishing: Irish family cited for towing horse behind their car

A MOTHER-OF-FOUR has been convicted of driving without due consideration after she was caught on the road with her husband in the car-boot, leading a horse.

Heather Josiah (29) pleaded guilty to the offence before Judge Desmond Zaidan, who was so astounded by the evidence, he asked Inspector Jim Doyle to repeat it.

Gardai found Ms Josiah at the head of a long stream of slow-moving traffic on Farrington Road, Athy at 4.30pm on March 20 last year, and were surprised to see her husband sitting in the open boot of the green Peugeot 406, leading a horse on a rope.

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  1. AJ

    Best horse movie ever — a true story: