Shave and a haircut, two bits

15 North Street

15 North Street

15 North Street sold for $3.9 million. Owners paid $4.550 for it in 2006, and though they started at $5.1 in May, 2011, $3.9 isn’t too bad a drubbing on a 2006 price.

421 Indian Field

421 Indian Field

And 421 Field Point Road has reemerged from the recycling bin and is once again ready for the marketplace. This grand old home, located on Belle Haven peninsula if not in Belle Haven itself (I can’t keep track of the exact boundaries of the association), has been for sale since 2007, when it started at $10.995 million. Today it can be yours for just $6.995. I showed this to clients some years back and, while they appreciated its beauty, thought that it felt “too old” for them. They’re a young couple with small children and I agreed (in fact I’d warned them ahead of time but they still wanted to see it).  But it is a nice house, especially for someone with a  more formal living style than is usual today. Upstairs, Downstairs, perhaps, if not quite Downton Abbey.


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3 responses to “Shave and a haircut, two bits

  1. anonymous

    Poor old Greenwich dowager Field Point had a botched facelift and ended up looking like Teresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    • Feeling Sick!

      Ugh! What a sad change for the worse and what an ugly house interior. One detail though, the listing itself says this failed renovation is in the Field Point Association, not the Belle Haven Tax District. So there is no confusion about that.

  2. Artie

    I’d live there in an instant. Beautiful!