Tear downs

Say goodbye to 545 Indian Field

Say goodbye to 545 Indian Field

Two old waterfront homes purchased last year are up for razing tonight before the P&Z. One will be missed (by me), the other won’t, but both are headed for Dumpster Valhalla either way.

55 Binney Lane, Old Greenwich is hardly a surprise because it’s pretty much a wreck and restoring it would cost more than building new. It sold for $9.250 last summer, in case you’re wondering what an acre of waterfront in Old Greenwich is going for.

545 Indian Field Road, Mead Point, is an older home that I thought might be saved but it’s not to be. This one, 1.6 acres, sold for $10.6 million last year.

Not everyone is broke. Friends of Obama?


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5 responses to “Tear downs

  1. Anonymous

    RS waterfronts are cheaper now. See 5 Bridle Path.

  2. InfoDiva

    It’s going to take quite a wrecking ball to knock 545 Indian Field down. The place is a fortress, built to last. It won’t go gently.

  3. Anonymous

    549 Indian Field Road has also filed a notice of intent to demolish according to the 1/4/13 public notices.

    • That one was clearly headed for destruction – a nice little ranch, for $9 million? Not happening nor, under any kind of theory of highest and best use, should it have. Off with its head!

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    I remain baffled that anybody would want to knock down such a GREAT house. That said, if they buy it and wanna take it down and put up a fugly miniature Caesar’s Palace wannabe like the one way, way up Taconic, well, whatever floats their boat. Too bad for the neighbors though.