Price cut in Riverside

76 Meadow Rd

76 Meadow Rd

76 Meadow Road, listed at $6.495 million this past September, has cut its price to $5.985. Those of you who still have jobs on Wall Street (and who don’t work for Morgan Stanley) may want to get out your wallets.

Or not. Although I liked this house when I saw it; nicely made, 0.9 acre, which is large for Riverside, good location, with a pool, I wasn’t wild about its September price. Will this cut produce a buyer? Well, lesser homes than this one have sold for around $5 million in the past year in Riverside, so I’m guessing that this will settle somewhere between $5 and its new price of $6. At which end of that spectrum is to be determined.


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17 responses to “Price cut in Riverside

  1. anonymous

    Another one of those “car before the house” specs with the focus on the garages rather than the house. Ugly.

  2. The Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Doesn’t this property have an upclose/next door view of the Laura Siefert three lot trifecta development? Getting out before the backhoes I guess.

  3. anonymous

    They build them here
    they build them there
    those hedgies build them everywhere…

    • Anonymous

      69 Rockwood was designed by Austin Patterson and built by Stone Harbor Land Company, did they do the Meadow Rd house as well? They do look similar.

      • This may be the house whose design that was ripped off from Austin Patterson and occasioned a law suit. I don’t recall how the suit was resolved. UPDATE: a reader suggests it was another house, so let me emphasize, I don’t know – there was a duplicate house built in Riverside that was a direct, unauthorized copy of an architect’s work and there was a law suit. That’s all I remember, really.

  4. Anonymous

    No idea what the right price is but I would sure like to live there.

  5. D

    hah – I find it hilarious that, at this price point, so many builders do copy-and-paste. If I was spending this much money that would really piss me off.

  6. Anonymous

    The land should be worth $2-2.2 million and the house should be around $2.5 million@$350/sqft? Plus the pool and landscaping.
    Low to mid 5’s, just saying.

  7. Accolay

    What is your opinion on Austin Patterson, Chris? Yea or nay?

    • While I’m not a huge fan of much of their work, that means nothing – I’m not the one commissioning it. And I’ve seen a couple of houses of theirs that I like very much – they design for their clients’ tastes and desires, so if I, or you, don’t like a particular house, that’s really just a reflection of the variation in what appeals to different people.

      • Anonymous

        I am a big fan of their work, I wanted to use them for a remodel project but it was too small for them, but I think they have done some great houses in town. Mac Patterson is also a pleasure to deal with.

  8. Anon

    Not only does this house get the privilege of being next door to the P&Z Queen Siefert’s former and soon to be developed property but it also gets front row seating to see how three houses impacts the already high water table in the area. How do you spell “sump pump”?

  9. Sound Beacher

    I thought the 2 copy cat houses, with the lawsuit, was one on Glen Avon and the other on Sound Beach Ave? Not sure tho…

  10. I think 12 Tyler Lane just sold in riverside .. This home is as attractive as Janet Reno I my opinion ..

    • Exterior, not so hot, but I thought it worked quite nicely inside. Nice, quiet street, under $3 million, I can understand its attraction. Still under contract so sales price is still unknown (to me); given what’s available in the $2.5-$3 range in Riverside, I get it.