Promoting the NRA’s agenda

Keep your freakin' hands offa me

Keep your freakin’ hands off of me

Politicians are scrambling to fire up gun owners by proving the NRA right: the goal of Democrat politicians is to confiscate all firearms in the United States.

Diane Feinstein, Governor Mario Cuomo and New York’s Michael Bloomberg have called for the confiscation of all semi-automatic (trigger must be pulled for each shot) rifles and pistols, which covers just about every modern weapon made today, and they’ve been joined in that demand by at least one state representative, an Iowan named Dan Muhlbauer.

We’ve discussed the Journal News’ publication of licensed gun owners’ names and addresses; yesterday, the Gawker followed suit, disclosing the names of all (registered, not illegal) gun owners in NYC. Notice that both these rags went after all gun owners, not just those who might own one of those dreaded “assault rifles”. They’re after bigger game.

Nor does the campaign stop at guns themselves – they want the ammunition too.

Dick Blumenthal wants to register and conduct background checks on all ammunition purchasers, which in addition to creating a nuisance, would bar internet sales of discount ammo.  His intellectual equal on the state level is New Haven representative Martin Looney, who has already introduced legislation to do the same thing here in Connecticut.

And so forth and on and on – these people are just getting started. And while all this activity and calls for action will fire up the base while doing nothing worthwhile, it is also convincing many fence sitters like myself to finally take notice and acknowledge what the NRA has been saying all along: every attempt to regulate guns is merely a step towards the ultimate goal, the complete elimination of the right of private citizens to bear arms. Worse, having accomplished that, these same people will move on, as England has, to eliminate the right of self-defense of any sort. And if you have no right to defend your own life, then who does that life belong to, you, or the state? We know where these people come down on that one.

So while I, and many others, I suspect, had until recently believed that the NRA was just a bit paranoid about the whole anti-gun movement, and even felt that some regulations might be wise, I’ve changed my stance, and will now work actively to defeat each and every politician who seeks to impose any restriction, no matter how small, on gun ownership. There is, as we’re seeing now, no middle ground.


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19 responses to “Promoting the NRA’s agenda

  1. Anonymous

    i guess chuck was right after all.

  2. sunbeam43

    Spot on Chris! And the left is even willing to use poor Ms. Giffords in this promotion! They will stoop to anything, including using another brain-impaired individual, as they did with Mr. Brady years ago! Despicable!!!!

  3. Cobra Contribute now, before Obozo and his left wing loony scum succeed in achieving their vision of extreme socialist nirvana…to lay waste to the Second Amendment and any other element of the Constitution that might prevent their takeover of our country.

  4. Dollar Bill

    CF, once again, you are demonstrating slippery slope illogic of the worst kind, implying that any kind of sensible gun regulations necessarily leads to some unpardonable infringement of 2nd amendment rights, and that we’re all going to be slaughtered in our sleep. That, as you must know, is a bunch of alarmist hooey.

    • Well, Bill, why not at least read the links I provided, see what your fellow democrats are saying, and then come back with a refutation?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Dullard: Define sensible gun regulations.

    • AJ

      Sensible is another one of those abstract (not concrete) words just like responsibility — with freedom comes responsibility: the freedom to do what? The freedom to do what I tell you, meaning freedom is slavery. Sensible gun regulations is code for the abolition of the Second Amendment.

      Abstract words are dangerous: “Oh, sensible” — and everyone nods their head in agreement — “of course, let’s be sensible.” Libertarian Advocate has it right: define sensible. You’re attempt at mind f*cking doesn’t pass the litmus test of reason, thought I’m sure your collectivist members of the hive friends would cheer you — here, here!

      In the following clip watch the use rhetorical questions: asking a question you already know the answer to in order to steer and control the debate:

      Notice: after England banned guns violent crime tripled. Jones was loaded for bear. He was not going to sit there and be polite and let Morgan abuse him the way he did Larry Pratt.

    • AJ

      Of course Mr. Bill. That’s why Obama signed the NDAA. The death of the Fifth Amendment.

      Let’s ban everything and anything that might be dangerous.

    • RL

      DB, you need to pull your head out look at all the times in history it has been tried before, and the times it actually happened.. Do you really think that things are so peachy in the US today that it’s impossible here ? We have over 2000 gun laws on the books now and seldom are hardly ever enforced at the federal level. How do I know ? I worked in the system for 29 years that’s how. They all want to scream and act like they can make a big difference after something like this happens, and they always attack the guns. Then they close down more and more mental health facilities and kick more and more people with mental health issues out on the streets that eventually end up in jails, that end up in lawsuits sueing Sheriffs and Police Chiefs because they don’t have the proper treatment facilities to keep and care for them. BUT GUESS WHAT ? YOU DON’T CARE and NEITHER DOES OBAMA or the GOVERNMENT. Wake up and smell the coffee, I’m glad we have folks like you around to eat the fat off the hog at the expense of “we” patriots that have stood watch for many years with our arms and our sense of duty so as to answer up to that call so that others like yourself can bask in your liberal ideas and dreams of what you think the perfect world should be and then proceed to tell others how they will live in it at your direction.

      • AJ

        And what happens when they get the guns? In China Mao starved thirty-eight million people to death and all told killed seventy million. Only the most sycophantic survived. But as a species we’ve evolved so much since then. I hope DB has collagen lips and a very long tongue and even that may not be enough.

  5. Anonymous

    These scenarios were gamed by the gun-grabbers a long time ago. They’ve been sitting on the shelf awaiting opportunity.

    Barry wants the confrontation.

    When does Barry’s hubris meet Barry’s nemesis?

  6. Cobra

    Apparently, 3DB can tickle the key board even while sporting his cuffs and gag.

  7. TheWizard

    I assume Biden’s “executive order” comments are the trial balloon. They’ll see what the reaction is in their internal polling and decide how to proceed.
    So far, I haven’t seen this administration act as if they feel the need to be restrained in any way. This is gonna get interesting.

  8. FlyAngler

    At a minimum, the registration of all “assault weapons” is coming, though I think confiscation is possible. The anti-gun crowd is using the Overton Window concept to slowly move public opinion against the evil assault rifles. They may not get it right now but they are closer.

    DB, if you think this is all nonsense, read this:

  9. armonk

    I now realize that the greatest danger of the Journal News list is that burglars will be staking out some house on the permit list, see a man and woman drive away, and then break in with children at home unprotected.