The lonely lives of priests

Say "Hail Mary!"

Say “Hail Mary!”

“I’m going to need help getting out of these” – frantic 911 call from priest stuck in handcuffs and gag. 

It’s not clear exactly how he ended up in handcuffs or why he feared a medical emergency. Father Donovan was alone in the front room of the rectory.

A spokeswoman for the Diocese of Springfield, Kathie Sass, told the Illinois Times that Donovan’s  request for a leave of absence was accepted by Bishop Thomas Paprocki not long after the incident.



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7 responses to “The lonely lives of priests

  1. Cos Cobber

    And in other news – people continue to move out of blue states to red states. Will the AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, etc find this compelling story…doubtful. Does voting with your feet say anything about your state government, only if its negative and your a republican and that combination is uncommon.

  2. Libertarian Advocate


  3. FF

    Cobber – this is not political, it is more reflective of the aging of America. 7 “blue” states (CO. DE, DC, NV, OR, VA and WA) saw increases in migration, in WA and OR’s case, quite substantial even with those high taxes and gay marrieds and such. Jesus may smile upon AK, IN, KS, KY, MS, MO, NE and Utah, but their residents do not because all those states had net outmigration, the highest in Indiana.

    Where did they go? More than 500,000 people left new York, New Jersey, Michigan and wound up in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Arizona. Last I remember, the “oldest” states are these, with Rhode Island the oldest. This isnt the population standing up in solidarity with right-to-work states and no estate tax, its people with achy knees and a love of regular golf moving to somewhere less onerous.

  4. FF

    By the way, Florida voted for the Kenyan Muslim Socialist, so does that make it a blue state? If so, your idea falls apart

  5. Cos Cobber

    FF, you lost all credibility with me when you added religion to your rebuttal. Apparently Democrats, while protectors of minority cultures and religions, just cant get enough snarky commentary on christainity.

    -Cos Cobber – not practicing organized religion.

    PS – FL has been solidly Rep for Gov and wowy zowy – it when 50 to 49 for Obama- doesnt get any slimmer.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Below the states with Democratic Governors. Net Migration – 383k
    Arkansas 5,484
    California -104,093
    Colorado 62,296
    Connecticut -34,471
    Delaware 6,181
    District of Columbia 14,170
    Hawaii -4,237
    Illinois -156,197
    Kentucky -1,076
    Maryland -7,540
    Massachusetts -9,721
    Minnesota -15,075
    Missouri -28,599
    Montana -7,311
    New Hampshire -4,340
    New York -224,468
    North Carolina 72,136
    Oregon 24,379
    Rhode Island -13,259
    Vermont -2,403
    Washington 41,085
    West Virginia 3,740

    And the list of states with Republican Governors. + 383k. I dont have an explaination for the leakage between the two sum totals – probably relocations to US territories.

    Alabama 1,257
    Alaska -1,833
    Arizona 48,259
    Florida 219,003
    Georgia 36,083
    Idaho -814
    Indiana -24,338
    Iowa -3,274
    Kansas -14,292
    Louisiana 5,965
    Maine -1,334
    Michigan -93,368
    Mississippi -12,392
    Nebraska -2,508
    Nevada 2,738
    New Jersey -103,252
    New Mexico -5,298
    North Dakota 17,389
    Ohio -84,528
    Oklahoma 16,360
    Pennsylvania -27,647
    South Carolina 47,084
    South Dakota 6,947
    Tennessee 46,619
    Texas 290,354
    Utah -876
    Virginia 22,299
    Wisconsin -21,053
    Wyoming 5,147

  7. Cos Cobber

    Updated conclusion, the Dems have positive migration traction in Colorado (battleground state / Dem lean), Washington (solidly Dem) and Oregon (solidly Dem). The Republicans have positive migration traction (with more substantive numbers) in Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida (Rep lean for Gov), South Carolina.

    Not sure what to make of NC. I view that as a toss up state.

    Other notably conclusions;

    1) the Dems have solid control of the largests net losers NY, IL and CA sans NJ.
    2) right to work states have more growth (i’m looking at you midwest and northeast)
    3) and yes FF, warm weather continues to win.