A gem discovered on the open house tour

30 Stanwich Rd

30 Stanwich Rd

I somehow missed 30 Stanwich Road, $5.495 million when it came on back in September but it’s still for sale and so its agent Tom Gorin held another broker open house today, which I did get to. What a grand house. Built in 1911 and completely made over and brought up to date, it retains all its original charm: high ceilings, spacious living areas, beautiful (3 acres) lawns, but with modern mechanicals, windows, and all the important stuff. I do love old houses but I really don’t want to live as people did in 1911, if for no other reason than I enjoy reading at night without benefit of whale oil.

If there’s something missing from this house, and I suppose there must be or it would have sold by now, it could be the lack of (another) kiddie playroom. That’s just a guess, because it’s the only thing I can think of that would explain why such a great house, close to town, still remains unsold. If so, the design lends itself to the addition of one off its eat-in kitchen/family room and there’s plenty of land and FAR to accommodate it. Knock a couple of hundred thousand off its asking price to pay for one and Bob’s your uncle.

145 Parsonage Rd

145 Parsonage Rd

Speaking of price, this one doesn’t seem out of whack, even given the moribund state of the $5 million + market. I’d compare this to 145 Parsonage Road, which sold at full price, $4.995, last summer. Parsonage was actually a 1955 house, rebuilt in 2002, and on 2.5, rather than 3 acres, with the same grace and beauty of this one and the same easy distance from downtown Greenwich. You can’t buy Parsonage; it sold in less than ten days, but if you missed out on that one you should look at Stanwich – in my opinion, you wouldn’t be losing out on anything at all.


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30 responses to “A gem discovered on the open house tour

  1. …I enjoy reading at night without benefit of whale oil.” Uh-huh. Where exactly did they anoint themselves, in those days?
    : )

  2. Anonymous

    2 Parsonage Rd, appears to be sold…Duffy

  3. Jane

    I think that is overpriced for that low on Stanwich. Lots of more modest houses surrounding.

    • I think you’re wrong. On the other hand, it hasn’t sold. But three beautiful acres, gorgeous house – I really like it.

      • D

        No way – comp houses on Brookridge and houses on its side of the street. It fits right in and having the driveway through to Brookridge is a big plus. I love this place. Wish I had that kind of coin!

  4. greenwich dude

    if i could afford it, it’d be gone
    for neighborhood houses, one of the biggest things ever is going up like 1-2 houses over. great location, right next to about everything

  5. Cobra

    Every time I drive by 30 Stanwich Rd, I check out the vintage 109 Land Rover in the driveway. Very cool ride.

  6. Greenwich Old Timer

    We had the pleasure of having dinner in this house years ago and live nearby – this is a SPECIAL home and I can’t believe it hasn’t been snapped up by now. As for the humongous White House replica that’s been under construction forever just down the road (18 Stanwich), I’m surprised there hasn’t been any commentary in this blog so far!

    • Stanwich

      There was talk of this several years ago when I spotted a demolition sign outside of the former home. I was surprised that it made sense to knock down the old home as it was big, really big. Anybody have info on no. 18 Stanwich? Is it spec or is the owner building it?

  7. Stanwich

    They did a remodel some years back where they changed the roof profile above the garage. It used to be squared off and had odd windows, really ghastly before.

    Great location and the surrounding homes would easily support this pricing.

  8. Anonymous

    Even if the price is right, selling in that lofty price range takes time in the current market, I think.

  9. anonymous

    I stand alone then amidst the sea of praise here for 30 Stanwich. Don’t like it, proportions are off to my eye, overly fussy for today’s taste, dated feeling kitchen and remodel. I think lower Stanwich and lower Lake suffer from the same “drive by” lack of presence. It appears the market – buyers with actual means to invest, agree. Also this one may be an exception, but there is a lot of wet land in them there parts. Near Country Day, Central and town, but busy roads, you can’t walk to them. Lower North Street, Patterson Ave have sidewalks. $4.2, mostly land.

  10. Anonymous

    30 Stanwich is a beautiful house in a convenient location, but I do think Parsonage is a nicer spot, not that I am a huge believer in the Golden Triangle nonsense, but Parsonage is just a prettier street.

  11. Brown Eyed Girl

    Well to me, 18 Stanwich looks more like Buckingham Palace than the White House. But I agree, I have been curious about it for the last 2 years….it can’t possibly be a spec house, can it?

  12. Anonymous

    You should consider 54 Pecksland Rd. A Twachtman Normandy Tudor on 3 acres that has been totally re-done. You have not seen it Chris.

    • I’m pretty sure I saw it when there were two separate houses involved, no? I always found Twachtman houses to be too dark for my taste, but if it’s been redone ….

  13. Central Gwich

    Both tremendously beautiful homes. You certainly have a good eye Chris. I think that while Lower Stanwich and Lower Lake may both suffer from a “lack of presence,” as main thoroughfares, I think the convenience factor absolves a multitude of sins.

    I have friends who live in beautiful homes on 10+ acres way in the backcountry north of John, and the sometimes 30 minute drive to town is a real drawback for them. Their days have to be planned much more carefully. If I had the means, I personally would put up with the increased traffic and mitigate it with good landscaping to be 5 mins to the Ave, close to schools, grocery stores, gas stations and the other fussy things we love so much.

  14. anonymous

    “If I had the means” I’d buy it. Clearly those with the means who have to put their money down on the barrel are choosing not to. There are nicer close to town locales than busy, “near east” lower Stanwich. Nice walk to two gas stations, the Cos Cober and your pal Tesei’s gas punp view first residence.

  15. Greenwich Old Timer

    Just so you know, 18 Stanwich (and I only know this because we live at 18 Stanwich Lane and there was some post office confusion at the beginning) is being built by Sheldon Pang, an Asian multimillionaire and Obama supporter. All we know about him is that he spent $3 million for the land before his mega project. The reason he caught our attention is that Zillow reported 18 Stanwich Lane (our humble 1929 English cottage) to have sold for $3 million. Needless to say, that made us sit up and take notice!

  16. Guest

    I liked 145 Parsonage way better before the 2002 renovation. The 2002 buyers took a classic and beautiful house and supersized it in a way that I did not find appealing.

    Parsonage does have a bit of through traffic in that area. Not busy, but not quiet enough for your kids to ride their bikes.

  17. Bobby

    Stanwich Road is out of favor I guess. Personally I find it pref to North Street , not as nice as Round hill – but each to his own. I can completely see why Parsonage would sell at this price and not Stanwich though – come on Chris, have some aesthetics…..Stanwich is painfully dated – looks like a waspy bad date in 1987, and Parsonage is the second wife 30 years later……

  18. Anonymous

    No, you are thinking of another property. You might be surprised how light and bright this house is- of course it is not for everyone but for the right client it is a gem!! let me know if you want to have a look.

  19. Come on Central Gwich,
    I live on Bedford Road and there is no way it takes 30 minutes to get to town unless you are behind a Kennedy Security car or a school bus on Round Hill Road. Backcountry is not popular on this site, to be sure, but if you want land and/or have horses, it is a great option. We personally love it. The great thing about Greenwich is that there is something for everyone.