Feel good legislation that will accomplish nothing

Colt .45 Model 1911A

Colt .45 Model 1911A

Much of the talk of new measures of gun control recently focuses on a ban on “high capacity magazines”, those little steel boxes that hold the cartridges (“bullets” to most TV talkers) that are fired from guns. “No hunter needs ten shots to kill a deer” Andrew Cuomo bellowed yesterday, and our own Governor Malloy has joined the chorus, as well as Joe Biden and countless other politicians. Assuming they actually know anything about what they’re talking about, these charlatans are pushing for a piece of legislative slight of hand that will give their ignorant, trusting constituents a false sense of security and a belief that, by golly, their politicians are doing something. Nothing could be further from the truth. The weapon shown here is a Colt .45, designed by John Browning and adopted by our military forces in 1911. One hundred years on it is still in use, because it works, superbly, under all conditions and all day and night long (in one of the tests conducted by the Army 6,000 rounds were fired from one gun over two days, with the only attention to the weapon a dunking in a barrel of water to cool it off). It is a “semi-automatic” gun, in that each pull of the trigger fires a single bullet. The magazine you see below it holds seven rounds, so you could easily fire seven rounds in less than five seconds.

“Fine”, you say, “at least if a school shooter had one of those only seven children would die, not 26 – by banning higher capacity magazines Governor Malloy has just saved 19 children! Salvation is at hand!”

But here’s the thing: hidden from view (because it’s on the other side of the pistol) is a magazine release button. Press it, and the magazine drops out and a new one can be slapped in. Even target shooters like myself take several magazines to the range and preload them so that we don’t have to spend a minute or so (I’m slow at the game) reloading the original clip. It takes me less than three seconds – I just tried it – to drop the magazine, insert a new one and be ready to resume firing. It strikes me as unlikely that any teacher, no matter how heroic, would be standing close enough to a man firing a pistol at him to reach out and overpower him, so that split second reprieve is of no use – shoot the bastard with your own gun, even while – especially while-he’s still firing and save some lives. Waiting to rush him while he reloads looks pretty cool on TV but that, sorry to break it to you, isn’t realistic. It’s as phony as the Hollywood heroes holding their pistols sideways to kill bad guys, as phony as the hero who takes a shot to his arm by a hollow point .45 bullet, shrugs it off and continues the chase.

All of which is to say that the non-gun owning constituents of these politicians are being lied to and deceived   by their “leaders”.


1936 Model 1911A, with  .22 Colt conversion kit

1936 Model 1911A, National Match, with .22 Colt conversion kit


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51 responses to “Feel good legislation that will accomplish nothing

  1. AJ

    America is being subverted from the inside with the help of useful idiots, that would be “the left”. If you’re anti gun, a liberal, or just a plain old Democrat, you owe it to yourself to watch this film. You really, really do:

    “AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie) FREE to watch for a limited time.”

    • Rivman

      Actually, I don’t see this as a right vs. left issue. There are many people who are politically conservative who think something should be done.

      • It’s the “something should be done” reaction that makes gun owners crazy (an unfortunate turn of phrase). A constitutional right is to be infringed or eliminated, if the anti-gun people get their way, law abiding citizens punished all for appearing to “do something”. The “don’t just stand there, do something” philosophy actually produces the results of the other adage, “when in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

      • AJ

        Left and right are virtually the same: Under Clinton we have the ’93 false flag World Trade Center bombing to set the stage; under W we have the false flag 9-11 attack to bring in the Patriot Act; under Obama we have the false flag underware bomber just in time for renewal of the Patriot Act, and the NDAA. Difference? What difference?

        The film I linked to promotes Christian values, but doesn’t define what that means. My experience with those values is that it usually means spying on your neighbors to make sure they live up to your standards while you don’t. But if they mean teaching right from wrong and the golden rule, then that’s a good thing. It also sees homosexuality as a problem; I don’t and neither should a free society, but again it doesn’t define what it sees as the problem. If what the author means is what seems to be the active promotion of homosexuality by schools, I do have a problem with that. What sexual lifestyles and choices will they be promoting next: NAMBLA, bestiality? The film also promotes morality, but again doesn’t define it. What people usually mean by morality is that it’s something where government “ought to do something about that”. While you certainly can teach right from wrong, and most people seem to have a built in sense of just what that is, in a free society you cannot and should not try to legislate morality: it’s a very slippery slope and such attempts lead to things like people being sentenced to ninety-nine years in prison for being in possession of half a dozen scraggly little marijuana plants with a street value of zero — it’s akin to thought crime. In a free society, if there is no victim, there is no crime.

        What the film does do, and I think does well, is point out how America is being conquered from the inside and the process by which it has been and is occurring: something many Americans still fail to grasp and are reluctant to believe. Our country has become corrupt and rotten to the core, and crime does pay. Just ask Jon Corzine. And it is hard to expect any sense of morality while we allow too big to fail, bailouts and illegal foreclosures to exist: it is criminal and immoral in the extreme. If you think things are bad now, wait till they get your guns, then they’re really going to shove it down your throats. The Bill of Rights is not negotiable.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    As you well know, I am not a gun aficana…afficacan…I am not a gun nut like you. HOWEVER!!! I am a true believer in the Constitution, and the Second Amendment.

    The First Amendment, however, is my favorite, as you well know, but we wouldn’t have that without the Second Amendment. Am I right? You publicity seeking, bony assed, frigid, lily white Puritan WASP, no talent hack? Who is a CNN camera WHORE!! FREE SPEECH ROCKS DUDE!!

    Anyhows, what are you doing going to the shooting range and reading magazines while you play with guns? I know squat about guns – like you with dirt sales, but reading magazines while you shoot seems like a bad idea to me.

    I think if you focus on reloading the gun, and not reading Hustler, you will become a better marksman. You have limited brain bandwidth, as you well know, so eliminate all distractions and FOCUS!! That is my two cents.

    Then maybe someday, maybe, you will get to play with your rifle, instead of your little pistol.

    Your Pal,

    • Mark B.

      Chris –
      I love Walt, but he is being a putz – as you know, EVERYTHING is made better through pornography, including, one would assume, marksmanship.
      (Okay, I’ve never combined the two, but porn seems to fix everything else)

      • AJ

        If there were more pornography, perhaps would-be shooters would be too busy pulling their putz to shoot anyone — I’ll avoid the wad pun. More porno and weed, the pacifist’s drug. I remember back when D. H. Lawrence’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” was no longer banned in America and I eagerly went out and bought a copy. Disappointingly, it was less than juicy, but it did get me started on Durrell, Maugham, and other good stuff.

    • AJ

      Now that you’ve given us your two cents, how many million do you have left? Remember, all you have to do to blow through a million bucks is spend ten-thousand dollars a hundred times. How hard is that? Stay frugal.

  3. xRay

    Chris – keep up the fight! You are right, they are wrong!

    Photo is of a 1911A1 adopted in 1924 with a 7 round magazine. Colt 1911’s were adopted as you say in 1911 and first shipment was in December 1911… I love them and collect them… They are truly works of art!

  4. Disgusted

    Dear Chris:

    Following up on your point, any idiot aiming to kill as many people as possible prior to committing suicide will not be deterred by the lack of a 30 round magazine, or an “assault rifle.”

    To create mayhem at short range, a five shell capacity Remington 870 pump shotgun loaded with buckshot would do far more damage — and there are more that five million of those in circulation. Ditto a fertilizer bomb (remember Timothy McVeigh) — or, for the fanatic, a sharp long bladed knife.

    The real issue here is identifying people unbalanced enough to commit such crimes, if possible, and treating them. This reality does not resonate with our political class because it would involve restricting the rights of the mentally ill (the defense of whom is the object of public advocacy groups aligned with the liberal wing of the Democratic Party), and it would cost a lot of public money to treat those dangerous people (here in Connecticut, our state mental hospital was rendered inoperable by Hurricane Irene and is not scheduled to be fixed). However, since the State of Connecticut effectively is bankrupt, we will continue to hear these idiotic suggestions that restricting access to certain guns, or magazines of a certain capacity, will solve all our problems. After call it costs nothing to make such irresponsible suggestions — and it provides the fiction that the political class is doing something productive.

    My suggestion: Write and call your Congressman, Senators and State Senator and State Representative (with respect and restraint) and register your objections to this charade. Doing nothing will accomplish nothing.

    • AJ

      There is no shortage of ways to kill people, and anybody can buy the ingredients of a fertilizer bomb, but there’s more to the Timothy McVeigh story than most people know. This is more than a conspiracy theory: there is concrete evidence.

      Problem (the boogeyman is going to get me), reaction (someone has to do something about this), solution (suspend the Bill of Rights). Anybody feeling safer?

  5. AJ

    I recognized your photo instantly: that is the standard issue squirt gun, the same model they used to sell at Cuff’s back in the 50s, sans magazine, or periodical if you prefer.

  6. David Smith

    A pistol is a one handed weapon. With only a little practice, shoot right handed, hold next clip in left. Clip empties and slide locks. Release clip. Slam in new clip and release slide. Start shooting while left hand (this is where a day of practice comes in) reaches for next clip.

    I would not be too surprised if an expert could actually fire faster with a 1911 than with an “assault rifle”.

    • I agree – my 2.5 second time to remove and replace a clip was with a left hand still recovering, and sore, from surgery to repair nerve damage, and I have never practiced a quick replacement because I’ve had no need for speed. Those who know what they’re doing, the guys at rapid fire competitions, for instance, can fire what is essentially an unbroken stream of shots, all day long.

      • Artie

        Are you bringing up the injury so you don’t have to give me my lesson?

        • Nah – in fact I was just thinking it was time to do that but today a new pain – sharp, rather than dull, has appeared, so give it a few days to resolve itself and we’re on – promise. If they’ve opened the rifle range, maybe we can try one of those dreaded AR-15 “assault” rifles too!

        • AJ

          Hey CF, watch out.

  7. Sorebone

    You are absolutely right Chris, and with a bit of JB Weld a second clip can be epoxied upside down on the first making the clip change even faster. Grunts in Vietnam used to tape three 30 round magazines together (reverse, side by side) when they went out on patrol which would give them ninety rounds close at hand.

  8. New Buyer

    You have stated your point many times that you think the proposed regulations are a waste of time. I’m curious what you think might work. What legislation you would propose and what do you think would work to ensure responsible gun ownership and sales in this country? Do you accept the NRA position that no gun regulation is best and arming every citizen is the answer? I feel like the no-gun-ever left and the right-wing arm everyone NRA are controlling this debate. I would argue that the average citizen inn the middle accepts the 2nd Amendment but wants gun ownership heavily regulated.

    • Inagua

      Nothing will work. There is no way to legislate against crazy/evil. It has been with us since Cain slew Abel.

    • AJ

      Someone could take a high powered jacked up 4X4 truck with tractor tires, jump it up on a busy mid-town Manhattan sidewalk at lunch hour, and kill more people in ten seconds than any nut case with an “assault rifle” could. When I went to school, I can’t think of one person who didn’t see themselves as not having a future, and that’s something most people wouldn’t want to throw away. I think getting rid of unlimited quantitative easing and too big to fail might be a first step in returning to those days. When England outlawed guns violent crime tripled. It’s not about guns; it’s about the society we live in, having self-respect and respect for others — the Golden Rule.

    • hmmm

      there already is responsible gun ownership in this country are you suggesting there isn’t? what part about ct having one of the strictest gun control laws in the country do you not understand?

      are you truly interested in resolving the issue or are you really just against guns?

      please come back with the proper statistics demonstrating the gun violence in this country is due to law abiding gun owners and then we can take up your discussion about “responsible gun ownership”

    • New buyer: I’m headed out right now and don’t have time for a full discussion, but while I’m out, you may want to read this analysis of gun ownership/gun death statistics.. I think you’ll find it objective: it debunks some of the claims b each side of the debate, but the charts and numbers do provide a pretty clear view of what, at least, we’re all trying to talk about.
      One thing I don’t have time to dig up right now is the percentage of deaths caused by handguns vs. rifles but trust me, for now, handguns make up an overwhelming percentage of them. And handguns are regulated severely in this country. The average registered handgun owner is middle class, educated and, by law, cannot have ever been convicted of a serious crime, (including drunk driving). This incidences of them using their weapons illegally is negligible. People who own unregistered handguns are, by definition, already breaking the law, and as they ignore that one, they tend to ignore more basic laws against murder, mayhem and even carrying guns within 1,000 yards of a school.
      What’s the answer? Not more laws – the danger lies in the minds of crazies, and how to address that is another issue.

      • New Buyer

        Sorry for the late response. What happened in CT was an act of terrorism pure and simple. I agree that the perpetrator could have used any number of other weapons to commit a mass killing. He was an unpredictable, satanic madman. This tragedy is rightly forcing us to put mental health issues under the microscope. (The family’s stupidity for exposing him to guns is a whole other conversation). As for gun control, I think politicians are seizing on the momentum to mobilize the “average” citizen to push back against the NRA, pro-gun lobby’s dominance. The NRA has had the upper hand for decades. As best as I can tell, the average citizen does not oppose gun ownership nor do they oppose gun regulation/licensing/restrictions but they are largely silent on the issue. This past year, Newtown held several hearings to tighten gun use and hunting laws in the woods around its semi-rural town. The changes were spearheaded by the chief of police (an NRA member). The focus was on increasing the distance shooters needed to be from homes and banning ammunition with explosives bc of noise complaints. Sounds reasonable? Joe citizen who owned a handgun and true hunters apparently had no objection and did not attend the meeting. The mtg was flooded by pro-gun lobby and “gun enthusiasts” who like to shoot semi-auto guns with explosive ammo for recreation claiming the restrictions violated their 2nd Amendment rights, slippery slope etc etc. The topic was tabled bc meeting got too heated. The Chief of Police said he was scratching his head — why all the drama over common sense limits? That’s what angers people — the gun lobby is too powerful and has put a chokehold on reasonable limits for too long. I have no doubt wind bag politicians will enact ineffective gun rules in response this tragic incident. The real news is the gun lobby’s inability to block the legislation bc of a shift in public opinion.

    • TheWizard

      A swift death penalty for the unmistakably guilty would be a damn good start. They don’t all commit suicide.

  9. Peter Alexander

    A Fountain of Real knowledge….. Oh and expressed wonderfully too. No wonder Ann Coulter another recovering Connecticut lawyer springs to your praise accurately….. On Jan 11, 2013 1:07 AM, “For What Its Worth” wrote:

    > ** > Chris Fountain posted: ” Colt .45 Model 1911A Much of the > talk of new measures of gun control recently focuses on a ban on “high > capacity magazines”, those little steel boxes that hold the cartridges > (“bul”

    • I have a feeling Ann Coulter is a commenter here, one of the Anonymeeces. After reading Peter’s comment, I went to Ann’s website and she has a link to a video she did on mapping people who had abortions. That brings to mind the comment in a post a couple of days ago from Anon to Riverside Chick. Same exact thought. Mmmm. Coulter a closet FWIW groupie?

      • AJ

        EOS, it’s called collective consciousnes — something that does travel faster than the speed of light, and it has nothing to do with collectivism. Google Rupert Sheldrake, and read all about it.

  10. AJ

    ‘Piers Morgan “Rally” Attended by Four People’ And you can see from the photo of them accompanying the article that they are an enthusiastic bunch.

    You can also sign a white house petition to have the FBI investigate Morgan here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/investigatecharge-piers-morgan-hgbuzz-bissinger-abby-huntsman-cnn-under-title-18-usc-section-241/64QqDL3w?utm_source=wh.gov&utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=shorturl

  11. Reader

    “Feel good legislation that will accomplish nothing” is the way we are governed. Actually, usually it accomplishes something detrimental. Thus we have had minimum wage increases that lead to higher unemployment, especially among young minority males. Thus we have protectionist “buy American” legislation that raises prices. Thus we have bank regulation that leads to tighter credit. Thus we have foreclosure mitigation that leads to a slower housing recovery. Thus we have tax increases that lead to increased tax avoidance and lower revenues. The list goes on and on.

  12. FlyAngler

    Chris – Bravo! I attended an anti gun violence “educational” session at the Wilton Library last night. The keynote speaker was Ron, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV). He is a long-time gun control advocate and his organization has been one of e primary driving forces behind CT gun legislation going back to the 1990s. He is a recognized expert in his field and was invited to be part of Biden’s blue ribbon committee of gun-takers.

    His main thrust in Hartford is banning the possession and transfer of anything remotely looking like an AR or an AK. They are going to reduce the definition of an AW from a rifle having two of the so-called military features to a single military feature. The current AWB allows for rifles with detachable magazines AND a pistol grip which is the format of every AR or AK style weapon in CT at the time. So, under his proposal, all semi-auto rifles wth pistol grips will become banned. No grandfathering, get it out of state or surrender it.

    On mags, 10-round max and that’s it. As with AW, sell, neuter, srrender or destroy. No differentiation between mags for rifles or pistols. No differentiation between 30-round AR mags and the 50, 60 or 100 round mags with no good sporting purpose (yes 3-gunners, I know at I said).

    And the uninformed folks in the audience, and by extension across the State and the US, hear this and think it is a good “start” in making our kids, malls, etc safer.

    Yet, these same folks will not tell people about how easy it is to skirt these bans, how an AR is not needed to kill many quickly (if they are not shooting back) nor how ineffective these laws are in jurisdictions where they are currently in place.

    For example, the Virginia Tech mass killing, the shooting of Gabby Giffords, the murders at Oikos Univerity and many other such massacres were done exclusively with handguns. No rifles, no AR/AK, just handguns. Sure, Lanza used an AR but he and Holmes in Aurora are the exceptions, not the norm.

    The worst university massacre in US history was the Univ Texas Clock Tower shooting and that guys killed 22 people with a bolt action deer rifle.

    The shooter in Norway only used pistols.

    Even in Columbine, those nuts killed. Ost of their victims with two 30+ year old shotguns, one of them a double barrel.

    My point is that banning ARs is going to provide the public with a false sense of security that such mass murders are less likely.

    As for mag bans, go to Wikipedia and check out Oikos University Shooting and learn that that nut was able to kill 8 and injure 3 with nothing more that handguns, WITH 10-ROUND LIMITED MAGAZINES. This was in California, a state with a mag limit and he used compliant limited magazines.

    The gun takers will also conveniently forget to tell you that less than 4% of all gun-related homicides in the USA involve rifles and less than that number involve assault style rifles. why don’t they mention that?

    The anti-self-defense gun lobby is all about taking guns away. Protecting children is a convenient rationale and call to arms but that is not their primary goal. Otherwise, they would acknowledge how inadequate their proscribed solutions are and would be coming up with broader solutions that really attack why kids do this, how they get their guns and why schools and other “gun fee zones” are nothing more that open killing zones for the lawless and homicidal.


  13. 2much

    where do people find time to write so much

    • OG17

      Check out this bill

      SEN. MEYER, 12th Dist.
      Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:
      That the general statutes be amended to establish a class C felony offense, except for certain military and law enforcement personnel and certain gun clubs, for (1) any person or organization to purchase, sell, donate, transport, possess or use any gun except one made to fire a single round, (2) any person to fire a gun containing more than a single round, (3) any person or organization to receive from another state, territory or country a gun made to fire multiple rounds, or (4) any person or organization to purchase, sell, donate or possess a magazine or clip capable of holding more than one round.

      Statement of Purpose: To reduce the use of guns for criminal purposes.

      (Because we all know criminals will turn in their guns…)

      • David Smith

        It would be much briefer to simply word it “Only the government and those it approves shall own a firearm capable of holding more than one cartridge”

  14. ShedLessToolMan

    This country continues to move in a direction of less freedoms.. not only is is it just guns.. look at NYC.. large sugar fountain drinks and now pain killers in the hospitals..


    when the government attempts to migrate all the retirement accounts to social security that is the last nail in the coffin.. we need to be a responsible society with proper values and discipline.. I don’t think removing freedoms resolves this..

    I don’t think that CT goes as free as say, colorado with the marijuana or Texas with the guns.. but, I sure do hope they do not start to follow the Bloomberg model..

  15. Anonymous

    15 year old defends self and 12 year old sister from home invasion.


    this of course will never make the mainstream media.

    this happened in texas. this story will never ever happen on the upper west side.

  16. Riversider

    I hate guns and I should like them all to go away, save for law enforcement officers and those living in remote areas where law enforcement is too far away to be of any help. Oh, and those living up in the mountains with bears. Other than that, I’m with Bloomberg. Just my 2 cents.

    • Greenwich cops can be at your door in 3 minutes – that might be in time to do something for you, it might not. Cheshire cops waited at the foot of Dr. Petit’s driveway 30 minutes while his wife and daughters were each raped a final time and then burned alive. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.
      And then there’s that Second Amendment stuff to worry about.

    • hmmm

      well then i think you should consider moving to england


  17. AJ

    ‘Indiana Bill Would Make the Implementation of “Obamacare” a Felony’

    Indiana State Senator Phil Boots has introduced a bill that would nullify implementation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the state.

    SB 0230 would amend the Indiana Code concerning state and local administration. The text of the bill simply states:

    “Provides that any federal act, order, law, rule, regulation, or statute found by the general assembly to be inconsistent with the power granted to the federal government in the Constitution of the United States is void in Indiana. Provides that a resident of Indiana has a cause of action to enjoin the enforcement or implementation or the attempted enforcement or implementation of a federal act, order, law, rule, regulation, or statute declared void by the general assembly. Provides that a plaintiff who prevails in such an action is entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.” …


  18. AJ

    Sign the petition:
    ‘Try Senator Dianne Feinstein in a Federal Court For Treason To The Constitution’

  19. AJ

    The NWO is tightening the noose: every step you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you. O, can’t you see, you belong to me –slave.

    ‘Now Greece Bans Cash – Again’