He’s still around? I thought he ran away with Megan Marshack thirty-four years ago

Kissing cousin?

Kissing cousins?

Rockefeller to retire, concedes seat to Republican (well, almost). For those born too late to enjoy the story:  here.


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7 responses to “He’s still around? I thought he ran away with Megan Marshack thirty-four years ago

  1. Guest

    Wrong Rockefeller. His uncle was the one in the article.

  2. hmmm

    it’s almost embarassing that he still is. i mean really give someone else a chance to screw up the country!

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Did Nelson lead a charmed life, or what? Talk about being born with a silver spoon up your ass. This guy had a giant gold spatula shoved up his bung hole.

    But he had a few rough spots in life. His parents named him after the world’s most famous skating rink, so that had to be hard to deal with.

    And his wife was named Happy. Although that could lead to some interesting dirty talk. Does bad girl little Happy like Mr. Happy? You get the idea.

    Anyhows, having lead a totally charmed life, he also gets to exit in the ultimate fashion. With a young hottie, in the saddle, riding her like a wild banshee. And she had the class to dispose of the ball gags and whips, cleaned the whipped cream off his body, had the midgets leave, and then kept her mouth shut. A real class act.

    We should be so lucky as old Nelson.
    Your Pal,

    • The only one NOT Happy was the first Mrs. Rockefeller, Mary, known as Tod to her friends. There was no more gracious and wonderful woman on the planet.

      Can you imagine had Nelson’s antics occurred in the feeding frenzy of today’s media??

  4. Publius

    Ah yes Mr. Fountain, a blast from the past and a funny one at that. Nelson may have died with his boots on but not his pants. Sadly, the story about Jay is another example of a guilty inheritor who tries to make amends as a public servant do gooder. He represented one of the more economically challenged states that is at the bottom of just about every category including health and education and what exactly has the man done to move the needle for his constituents? Nothing. A state very dependent on coal mining what has he done to push back against an out of control EPA or what has he done to stop the anti gun zealots? He quits. He takes his trust fund and abandons ship.

    The people of West Virginia were ill served by him and the late drooling wind bag supposed great orator Robert Byrd, the king of porkand former KKK member. It’s okay to be a trust fund baby or a bigot as long as you sit left of center. Mr. Rockefeller would have better assuaged his guilty conscience by taking his resources and doing something in the private sector to help move the needle in a positive direction for his fellow West Virginians. I take no issue with those that inherit wealth and I find the estate (death) tax offensive and lacking in rationale other than envy, but I take issue with those who somehow need to find purpose in their own lives by dragging down everyone else and then when things get tough they cut and run leaving those who put their trust in them holding a bag they can Ill afford to hold.

  5. FF

    the alternate Nelson Rockefeller story that I heard for years was that Rocky had a taste for, shall we say, discount-priced, Spitzer-like companionship. Allegedly, his ridiculously loyal personal assistant took the weight off Nelson’s reputation by her saying she was the one under Nelson because the facts were far, far more tawdry, and nobody thought for a second that it would still be spoken of decades later