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26 North Street

26 North Street

After several aborted deals, 26 North Street got a contract and a sale all in 24 hours and closed today at $4.250 million. It’s unclear to me whether that price includes both lots, which together were once priced at $5.695, or just one but either way, this one’s gone.

12 Sherwood Avenue

12 Sherwood Avenue

12 Sherwood has an accepted offer, last asking price $1.450 million. The seller paid $1.650 for it in 2002. It was put back up for sale in March, 2011 at $2.990 million and that struck me as a tad excessive because, at least so far as I could tell, nothing significant had been done to it since 2002. $1.450 was  more appropriate and four brokers and countless price cuts later, that’s where it landed. Given the mortgage loaded onto this place it won’t be a happy closing (for the seller or her lender) but that’s not the buyer’s concern. I have a number in my mind for the final sales price, one I suggested to my own clients when we viewed this place last fall, and it’s not $1.450. We’ll see how close I was when this closes and its selling price is disclosed.

Two “new” listings are really just old homes coming back with new brokers and new prices.

207 Old Mill Road is now offered at $3.095 million, which may finally prove the charm. This is a very nice house but I could never sell it when it started in 2005 and $5.450 million (!) and even at its various other iterations, each slightly lower that the rest. No sale in eight years seems to have finally driven some sense into the owner and at this price, it might just sell. A good house with a bad price is just a bad house. Looks better now.

5 Kernan Place, Old greenwich, is also back at a new price, $3.595, which is better than its original $4.450, set in August, 2011. Again, a decent house, but absolutely no yard (it backs up to Innis Arden Golf Club so it at least has views) and a hefty price tag.


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13 responses to “Real estate news

  1. Anonymous

    I’m thinking 1.2 for Sherwood. That should do it.

  2. GreenITCH

    CF any thoughts on those houses that have replaced the old VA houses and popping up just beyond Balduccis ….

    that price seems a bit “frothy ” for NOPO , even though a nice looking house

    • That’s what new construction was selling for back in 2006 and maybe those days are back, who knows? I agree with you though – nicely built, but on a very busy street, small yards and Cos Cob school (NTTAWWT!). I personally would look elsewhere, but again, these are decent houses, built by different contractors but none bad, so far as I could tell. And there is a dearth of good houses in this range.

  3. Anonymous

    Does Sherwood come with a lifetime supply of Off! mosquito repellant?

    I have friends who live near a similarly situated pond, and it sucks. Royally. Can’t stand outside in summer for more than 5 min. without half the blood being sucked outta you by all manner of flying critters.

    And outdoor lights are a joke. Anything brighter than the glow of a cell phone screen gets swarmed like the locust scene straight outta Exorcist 2.

  4. InfoDiva

    I’ve got a pond on my property, and believe it or not, the trick is to leave the darn thing alone. The one year that we used some sort of mosquito and lawn pesticide, all we managed to do was kill the frogs that eat the mosquito larvae, and that was the only year that we had trouble. If the pond is left to its own devices, everything stays in balance and we never have mosquitoes because those frogs–who are positively deafening in the early spring–have hearty appetites.

  5. Anonymous

    i love the smell of malathion in the morning.

  6. Anon

    It seems that 26 North Street was a very good deal. It looks in very good condition with a pool and that amount of land near town. Taxes under $40k too. This will turn out to be a really good buy and excellent return in 1-2 years.

    • FF

      The house is a gem for the old-house lover, but at that price I think a very, very substantial renovation is coming. A lot of it just doesnt work for the modern lifestyle considering its probably been purchased by a Brunswick/GA family