This could prove another blow to back country prices

Tracks II

A reader reports that her son and husband saw a “big yellow animal with a long tail” up near the Audubon, and sends along these pictures? Mountain Lion II? Bob Cat? Just a little pussy? Heck if I know, but I found a chart comparing various tracks so decide for yourself, if you can. (Click to enlarge – no apparent claw marks, which the chart says is the mark of a lion. On the other hand, if that’s a “fifth toe” in the middle picture, we have a problem with it being any kind of cat at all – on enlargement, I think the dark “toe” on the left is not a toe, but …).




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15 responses to “This could prove another blow to back country prices

  1. Mark B.

    Looks like someone walked by with a Xmas cookie cutter on their feet. What’s with all the toes…?

  2. Now that they are taking all the guns away .. The folks of back country will need to learn how to knife wrestle with the large cats for survival.. Do they teach this at the YMCA ?

  3. Cobra

    Brunswick student?

  4. AJ

    A dog with custom boots?

  5. marlin perkins-mutual of omaha

    coyo-wolf. audubon- sterling rd…..perry property…..the rabid mutts are all over the place……..they hole up near the leatherman cave. GPD folk may remember that pack of backcountry wild dogs?

  6. GPD Folk

    Sure do remember that pack of dogs Marlin we were hunting them in Conyers Farm too!

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Maybe the “labradoodle lion” has made his way to CT. Google for a giggle.

  8. pulled up in OG

    Polydactyl used to put a smile on people’s faces.

  9. Often big cats will double-print the fore and aft paws into the same place. Can make for funny shapes.

    Also, the big cats retract their claws unless they need the traction – so the claws don’t often print clearly.

    I’d guess bobcat or young m/l, by the size. Haven’t seen a whole lot of larger cats, and never tracked one, so this is just amateur time on my part.

    • Anonymous

      At least your readership isn’t ALL trying to joke about this. I have lots of pics and I think it really is a big cat. Thanks, yos.