Bloomberg to fatso: “You may just have to suffer a little bit”

Dancing in the dark

Dancing in the dark

Circus fat woman falls through concrete sidewalk on West Side, hoisted back to surface via crane. “It’s over,” Nanny Bloomberg said of the fat lady, “I warned her, time and time again, she was gonna put her eye out with that Slurpee straw, but did she listen? No – so let her learn a lesson.”


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2 responses to “Bloomberg to fatso: “You may just have to suffer a little bit”

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    The city should be able to bill this big fat frigging slob the cost of pulling her big fat ass out of that hole. And she should need to pay repair costs.

    And why doesn’t that little Nazi midget Bloomberg regulate how much people can weigh? Why not? He wants to regulate everything else. And we already know the Wookie hates fat kids, so he has that on his side.

    Anyhows, we establish a norm based on height. None of this “dense bones” bullshit. Fat women are worse than fat men, right? So let’s start with them.

    I think the norm should be set off of Kate Upton, or maybe Bar what’s her name. Any 10% deviation off of that and you get fined $10 dollars per day, and lose your Twinkee privleges. Breast implants are mandatory, and the government pays for that. Why not? They already pay for birth control, and if you get the implants, you may actually need the birth control!

    The former big fat slobs will leave less of a carbon hoof print, so that will help with global warming. They will eat less, require less cloth to make clothes, and cost less to drive around. Plus they won’t smell anymore.

    And they will be bangable hotties!! This is an idea I can get behind. In a firm way.

    What do you think?
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    i know that bar, lived around the corner of it for years. apart from mademoiselle heffalump fallin’ through the crack, as it were, what’s more disturbing is the photos that show how clearly deficient the sidewalk structure was. that was a big span of concrete (a few feet or so) with no reinforcing structure/bracing whatsoever.

    i doubt the vibration due to the construction along 2nd ave helps matters. whole lotta vibration.

    it makes me wonder what sidewalks really look like underneath throughout town, what is required, etc.