Janet’s List claims first success

We're just SOOO proud!

Isn’t that great? We still have readers! (Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck, NY)

One of the homes identified as having guns on Janet Hasson’s Journal News interactive map has been hit by burglars – target: the gun safe. Next up, the first murder of an abused woman who, until the map’s publication, had been hiding from her husband. “You want that bitch’s address? Sure, we got that!”

A White Plains residence pinpointed on a controversial handgun permit database was burglarized Saturday, and the burglars’ target was the homeowner’s gun safe.

At least two burglars broke into a home on Davis Avenue at 9:30 p.m. Saturday but were unsuccessful in an attempt to open the safe, which contained legally owned weapons, according to a law enforcement source. One suspect was taken into custody, the source said.

The gun owner was not home when the burglary occurred, the source said. The victim, who is in his 70s, told Newsday on Sunday that he did not want to comment while the police investigation continues.

“The police are doing a full investigation,” the man saidthrough a partially opened front door.

There was broken glass in the backyard Sunday and a ladder leading up to a second-story window. Neighbors on the street of modest, Colonial homes said they had heard about the burglary.

The homeowner’s name and address were included recently on the controversial interactive map of gun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties published on The Journal News’ website.


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69 responses to “Janet’s List claims first success

  1. RL

    The first of probably many victims to come due to irresponsible journalism. If the gentlemen had been home he might have lost his life, I wonder how many will die before this saga ends ? Those responsible should be tarred and feathered and have their asses glued to the roofs of their cars and left out for public display.

    • This was not journalism. This was an act of revolution.

      • No, not an act of revolution. A act of domestic terrorism. Somebody whose locaiton was reported and suffered an incident (like the burglary this weekend) should report Ms. Hasson and her cohorts to the FBI. It also occurs to me that her name, Hasson, sound like it could be Middle Eastern in origin (e.g., Hassan). Call the Feds!

    • armonk

      Just lucky there were no children home when the burglars entered.

  2. Anonymous

    can they be held responsible if a pattern were to develop?

    • UDidntBuildThat

      No. They will not be held responsible. “Prosecutorial discretion” will be invoked. Laws are for the little people without political and capital connections.

      • Anon

        Agree. No different than how David Gregory was not charged. The old liberal double standard.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        As I see it, a far better and more likely path to effective punishment of LoHud and its intemperate employees will be in the civil courts, though for that to happen, innocents are necessarily going to be hurt or killed in the process. When blood is spilled and lives are lost on account of LoHud’s story, it will all be on Hasson et als hands and they’ll all richly deserve the shit storm that comes their way.

      • armonk

        The paper is not immune from civil action, possibly from this homeowner. Probably wouldn’t be the ACLU taking the case, but how about the NRA? Especially if a pattern of buglaries develops.

  3. Al Dente

    Maybe someone should publish the addresses of people who own Rolex watches, those garish symbols of capitalist greed.

  4. Scaredy Cat

    Ever since this list was published, I find myself fretting. Anally locking doors, especially when home alone. Nervous when I hear things outside, and near panic when the dog barks in the middle of the night. Do I get up and find the intruder or wait until he comes in and kills me? I am sure I am not alone in having this list make me anxious. The Journal News should pay for my therapy.

    • Anonymous Citizen

      Ditto, from a single female permit holder. I’ve also taken to locking my doors when I’m home, fearing a home invasion. And every night when I come home from work in the dark, I wonder who’s in my house or maybe who’s been there. How terrible we law-abiding citizens have to live like this. This country is changing quickly and it is sad and tragic to see it.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    This Janet Hasson has absolutely no journalistic integrity. She was born with no moral compass. And she uses the power of her position, which some moron deemed her competent to hold, as a bully pulpit, not reporting the news, but taking a stance, even though it jeopardizes the lives of those she is meant to inform. She is an evil, evil woman, with no conscious.

    She epitomizes all that is wrong with the MSM. Abusing her position, using it to bully law abiding citizens, all under the guise of “Freedom of Information”. She doesn’t have the intellect to understand what she has done. Nor the heart to care about the lives she has put at risk. Or the courage to admit she is wrong and harmed innocent people.

    How she sleeps at night, I will never know.
    Plus she has cooties.

    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous for the obvious reason

      Aww Walt. I don’t believe that. She can’t be that stupid. I’ll bet she “boils up” once a week just like any experienced gutter resident.

    • EverR

      “How she sleeps at night, I will never know.”

      She’s got 24/7 guards outside her home. Drive by and you’ll see. I’m sure they’re armed.

  6. This home-owner should sue the newspaper and Janet Hasson for mental anguish or something like that.

  7. wGraves

    Before the list’s publication, you could just keep everything locked up in the safe. Now, you need to keep a round in the chamber, safety on, and in a holster when you answer the door. That’s certainly progress?

    Once I was debating a female college professor on the merits of gun ownership. On a hunch, I asked her housekeeper, who was from Guatemala, what they did in her country. “Oh, I never answer the door without my gun,” she replied innocently. Well, now welcome to our new banana republic: the formerly United States of wherever.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Now, you need to keep a round in the chamber, safety on, and in a holster when you answer the door.

      Proof positive that Progressives are incapable of even the most elemental foresight, yet they keep insisting that they’re the smartest guys in the room. I’d hate to meet the dumbest.

  8. d

    Maybe this proves we need “journalism control” — not gun control. Fortunately, both journalism and gun ownership are protected by those pesky amendments in the bill of rights. But certain forms of harrasment — even in the form of supposed journalism — and even political advocacy — may be actionable despite the First Amendment. Libel is actionable, where there is harm caused by a defamatory falsehood, even of a public figure if there is knowledge of the falsity. Are there “true” statements that can be an unwarranted invasion of privacy, not protected by the first amendment? Probably.

  9. teapartydoc

    Sue the bitch.

  10. Dawnfire

    Beheading. It works for islamists.

  11. AJ

    It’s called Psy Ops — are you sure you want to own a gun? Watch this video explaining how the movie “World War Z” is designed to psyhcologically prepare us for turning control of the United States over to the UN. What’s World War Z about: that submitting to authoritarianism is sexy and cool.

    • OG Reader

      AJ – the clip that you link to is hugely misrepresentative of the book to the point of just being silly. The point of the book, other than being a silly book about zombies, is how geography and culture (usually on a national scale) effect reactions to natural disasters in different stages.

      • AJ

        Haven’t read the book, haven’t seen the movie. But it’s certainly possible that two people can read a book and each take away a different story. Guess we’ll have to wait and see as to which description most people find more accurate. My guess is that it would not be “how geography and culture (usually on a national scale) effect reactions to natural disasters in different stages” because, having seen many action adventure movies in my lifetime, what you describe is not the stuff movies are usually made of, save documentaries.

  12. Richard Drake

    Bear in mind that the Journal New’s biggest advertiser is “New Rochelle Toyota”. Contact New Rochelle Toyota and let them know how you feel

  13. Anonymous

    It was a jackass stupid misuse of the First Amendment, but I actually, support what they did on Bill of Rights grounds.

    Their response, complaining, freaking, bailing, hiring professional guns, was pure SIN.

  14. veracity4truth

    Reblogged this on On The Edge… of the SHTF…. and commented:
    The Journal News Fiasco Continues!

  15. Not to be difficult, but what we have is an association. The house was listed in the stupid, stupid newspaper article, and the burglars broke into the house. What we don’t know is whether the mooks who committed the burglary targeted the house because of the newspaper article (this presumes first that the mooks can read).

    Before we pin the burglary on the Journal News we should be sure. According to the article in Newsday the police are “investigating” the potential link.

    48 hour rule applies, I’d suggest.

    • Mark B.

      Absolutely correct.
      BUT – if it does turn out that the map was used by the crooks, I hope our fearless, god-like leader, Chris, can concoct another flawlessly brilliant way of smashing it in Hassan’s face as he has before. I mean that.
      Also, it would be nice to force Hassan to read the above posts of ScaredyCat and AnonymousCitizen.
      I can’t believe that map is still on the net.

  16. Chas C-Q

    If a connection between the list and the burglary can be fixed, I recommend suing to own the newspaper; take it away from the criminally irresponsible people who run it now.

  17. Thucydides

    Sue the organization and Janet Hasson each and every time an incident like that happens.

    And while we are at it, we need to ensure Janet Hasson’s address is published everywhere as well.

  18. Chip

    Sounds a lot like the Turner Diaries.

  19. FlyAngler

    Let’s not forget that that idiot Dargen (sp?) has introduced a bill to overturn the law that prevents the release of such information in Connecticut. All you permittees out there sitting back and saying you are not concerned because the gun-takers “just want those ugly ARs”, you had better WAKE UP! The gun control animal knows no satisfaction and will consume as much as it can for as long as it can.

    Think I am crazy, did you know that State Senator Meyers wants to limit us to single shot pistols:


    Tell your national, state and local representatives that you support Second Amendment rights easily courtesy of Ruger:


  20. Libertarian Advocate

    I can’t wait for the stupid bitch to burn down all her life’s savings in legal fees.

    Oh, Janet, enjoy the EBT’s. They’re a gas! Think of them as akin to a twelve hour long mental endoscopy without the benefit of anesthesia.


  21. Hoo yoo be callin bitch?

    Oh, funny, you guys can’t have it both ways!
    Sorry, but recall a big bawl here and quoted
    ” burglar experts” saying its the houses with NO guns that would surely be targeted by burglars, and that they were sure to stay away from the gun owner homes!

    Which one is it?

    • That’s the beauty of what Gannet has done: it’s two, two, two mints in one! And “us guys” predicted exactly that. The left fervently believes that there can be no bad consequences so long as their actions are motivated by “good intentions” – welfare comes to mind -others look further down the road.
      And here’s a third possible consequence, suggested be women who’ve written here: threatened with death – even in open court – these women went into hiding years ago – their name were not in the pubic records of our courts, for their own protection, but Janet Hasson has now outed them. But again, anything to sell papers and expose the monster with a gun next door.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      @ Hoo yoo be callin bitch?:

      Oh, funny, you guys can’t have it both ways!

      Really? We can’t? Why not? Is your imagination so limited that you can’t see that BOTH scenarios are possible?

      (1) A thief who already has a stolen weapon might from that point forward, opt for targeting what they perceive as “soft targets”, believing (possibly falsely) that anyone inside will be unarmed?


      (2) Thieves without any firearms, but wanting them (to keep and/or sell on the streets) will case a LoHud listed house waiting for the opportunity to break in and steal weapons.

      I hope this comment helped you to expand your mental horizons beyond the pablum fed to you by (all too often self identified) “experts.”

      • Re: “I hope this comment helped you to expand your mental horizons beyond the pablum fed to you by (all too often self identified) “experts.”
        Those experts would be public school teachers (not all but most). Time to home school or save up for private school. The public (government) schools are no longer teaching, they are indoctrinating and proselytizing.

    • ertdfg

      So if you’re trying to STEAL A GUN so you can then rob UNARMED people… you’ll go to a house without a gun to try to steal a gun?

      No, you freaking moron. You’ll target a home with a gun, wait for everyone to leave (so nobody uses the gun on you) then break in to see if they left the gun where you can steal it.

      When I want to steal something; I assume I’d:
      A) Find out where it is
      B) Find out how it is protected (if possible)
      C) Wait until the time when the fewest people are around to see me try
      D) Try to steal it.

      Now I guess you’re not smart enough to come up with that list; which seems to match a 5-year-old trying to get some cash out of his mom-s purse… so you’re not as clever as a 5-year-old.

      How do you get dressed in the morning, do you have help? Are your clothes Garanimal matched for you?

  22. Anonymous2

    Does anyone commenting here read USA Today or any other Gannett publication or watch a Gannett TV station or access a Gannet web site or patronize those who use these media outlets to advertise or hire people who have Gannett on their resume? If you do, stop. That will stop Gannett.

  23. The left needs to break a few eggs to make their omelette. No?

  24. Even more unintended are the many law enforcement and corrections staff and their families on ‘the list’. Janet is going to have some explaining to do when the ex-cons show up to mete out revenge on their jailers and LEOs family.

    • Libertarian Advocate


      It’s even worse than that awful possibility. As I understand it, the list is so outdated that many of the “permittees” listed long ago moved away, putting in jeopardy people who now live in those houses, have no weapons at all, don’t want them, and are, like the LoHud’s irresponsible employees, “progressives.” LoHud’s publication have all the ingredients to create a massive clusterf__k of innocent bloodshed.

      Bravo Janet Hasson!

      • AJ

        There was a murder in New Rochelle a number of years ago that followed just that scenerio. The people the nut job had a grudge against had long since moved away, so he killed the new occupants. Mission accomplished; debt paid.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          AJ, I remember the case, just not the names. I seem to remember that it was the son of a prior owner who returned to the house of his youth in an alcoholic black-out, entered it and murdered an Indian couple who were the then current owners.

  25. Anonymous (duh)

    Once again the media in pursuit of “Golden Pennies” have published the location of weapons and given criminals the opportunity to commit more crimes. Someone should publish the Media’s home addresses listing all their valuables and their work hours. Why not make is easier for all the criminals to practice their trade craft. The Media are accomplices before the fact of crimes committed based on information they have provided. At least that is what my suit will claim should I fall victim to a break in and the criminal is lucky enough to escape with their life.

  26. Anonymous

    Keep that info with the police idiot!

  27. Brian Maxker

    This is a good argument for not allowing the government to even keep registration lists.

  28. Nothankyou

    I do think that the Journal News approach is a great example of what not to do to solve a problem. Intimidation is an ugly use of the first amendment, and detracts from solving the true problem – how to keep guns from the mentally ill. We are a country that prefers to have good labels for people and not bad, and putting the needs of society ahead of the needs of the individual are alternately fought against or championed, depending on the issue, by those on both sides of the political spectrum. All we as a society can ask for is that people who have guns handle them responsibly. That means anyone that has them has to secure them; if you own them you also own the violence that comes from using them. In the case of all the tragedies our children have seen in their lifetime, the fundamental failure came from a careless parent – the guns were not securely locked up. If all parents, whether the parents of mentally ill individuals or not, faced mandatory 20 year sentence if their gun was the weapon used in a killing, the sale of gun safes would explode and not the sale of guns and maybe, coupled with better mental health decisions in this country – just maybe parents would stop giving violent video games to kids who withdraw from society, and recognize the need for action. It is easy to plug a sick kid into a computer for years; but it should come with consequences when all hell breaks loose.

  29. Anonymous2

    If complying with the State’s gun laws now puts one in jeopardy courtesy of Ms. Hasson and her ilk one is led to the conclusion that the only safe way to defend oneself is to have an unregistered gun outside of the State’s regulatory scheme. Isn’t this the opposite of what the progs want? Better to be in jail than dead.

    Back in the 90s the Canadians tried draconian regulation of cigarettes and the man who was in charge of enforcement later admitted to me the government had lost control of the tobacco market.

    The US gun and healthcare markets may well be next!

  30. forrest

    Janet Hasson and the Journal News are lower than terrorists.

  31. Just had an experience that freaked me out. Tractor trailer delivery for son for which the driver needed a signature. No problem. BUT, when I reached for the clipboard, what did I see under the receipt but the JOURNAL NEWS map of gun owners, our house circled!!!! I was afraid to confront him and ask what the hell he was doing. Instead, my instinct was to whistle to our pit bull to come sit by my side. She obliged. Nicely.
    I think the gun map is an open door policy for any and all users – from truck delivery men who want to see if a house is armed, to Craigslist, to Match.com first dates.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      EOS: Call Bedford Police NOW – not later – and advise them of that fact. What company delivered the goods? It should be indicated on the bill of lading.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Sorry, you are certain that is was the LoHud map, rather than just a Google map of your address for the purposes of delivery, right? Its real important to be as sure as possible before calling the police.

  32. AJ

    I would think that if there is a victim, then a criminal act has taken place. And cleary in this case there are victims.

  33. richard40

    I remember when gun registration was first being proposed, and those who objected to it because of fears of hostile actions taken against legal gun owners were dismissed as paranoid. Now their fears have been proven accurate.

  34. RL

    It must be a cold and lonely world at the “Journal News”, they have pissed off all local law enforcement in the area ( they jeopardized these officer’s lives along with their families lives ) and are surrounded with their Barney Fife “bullet in pocket” armed security guards now to defend them around the clock, wondering who will care in a time of crisis and who won’t. Tisk Tisk

  35. Hey, Mr. Fountain — you are famous for publishing the map of the homes of the newspaper’s employees. Now, do you have the computation chops to create a COMPOSITE map of the hopes of the newspaper’s employees identifying WHICH ONES HAVE GUNS AND WHICH ONES DON’T?

    I think THAT would put a period on this regional “dialog about guns.”

  36. J. W.

    Call one of their advertisers and complain. That is the only thing that will change this situation. She’s laughing to the bank having put other children who have to stay home alone for a few hours after school. She used her power to target law abiding citizens. Like the other person here states, if I got a gun now, it will be unregistered. Screw Janet hasson and the self righteous ass she rode in on.