And whose fault is that?

Totally at sea

Totally at sea

Half of all Brits wrongly believe that you can get AIDS from being bitten, spat at or standing on a needle. only 40% know that 95% of all cases are contracted during unsafe sex. 

This ignorance is the direct result of gay activists, abetted by their media pals, to destigmatize homo behavior and generate huge amounts of research funding by falsely claiming that AIDS afflicts all of society. Look, I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own closets, and I certainly don’t blame gays for their media efforts. They were dying like flies, and society wasn’t going to care so long as the disease was seen as something confined to homosexuals and drug addicts. If funding to discover a cure were to be supported, the general population had to be convinced that they were at risk too.

All of which is fine by me: I lost friends and children of friends to the disease and I’m delighted that AIDS is no longer an immediately-fatal malady. But having watched the media work so assiduously since 1980 to create this myth I find it annoying that it now makes fun of the general population for believing the lie.

Just sayin’.


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3 responses to “And whose fault is that?

  1. JD

    Maybe in 1985, but it is a risk for everyone today–even if it’s a lower risk than other diseases. I believe about half of the new HIV cases reported in the UK last year occurred in heterosexuals. 18.2 percent of South Africans are HIV positive, and I don’t believe they’re all homosexual. Getting attention for a disease and finding the funding to support research can be as much about marketing as statistics. The combination of something that you can get from sex with something that’s killing men, women and children who have no access to healthcare (sub-Saharan Africans) makes HIV/AIDS fundraising much easier. You’d probably save more lives by devoting money to driverless cars, but people often chalk accidents up to “fate,” whereas diseases should be curable, given enough money for research.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    So half of all Brits are stupid and uninformed. That sounds about right and certainly goes some way in explaining how Gordon Brown AND David Cameron were elected as Prime Ministers rather than somebody like Daniel Hannan.

  3. Riverside Brat

    “Individuals infected through heterosexual contact accounted for 27% of estimated new HIV infections in 2009 and 28% of people living with HIV in 2008.
    As a group, women accounted for 23% of estimated new HIV infections in 2009 and 25% of those living with HIV in 2008.
    Injection drug users represented 9% of annual new HIV infections in 2009 and 17% of those living with HIV in 2008.”