And why is our highway “trust fund” going broke?

Obama and his crowd want to impose a user fee for highway use and scrap the more visible gasoline tax. Nothing wrong with paying what’s necessary to maintain our roads and bridges, but I’d like to see how much (One third? Half?) of the money currently being collected is diverted to light rail projects in California and high speed trains to Springfield, before we triple our taxes.


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9 responses to “And why is our highway “trust fund” going broke?

  1. Chimney

    I wonder how much of the gasoline tax ends up in the general fund, like the parking fund did here in Greenwich?

  2. Anonymous

    I would like to know why it cost so much money and there are only 3 guys working at a time. Maybe it is because (including overtime) the hwy construction worker is making as much as my doctor a GP with an MD.

  3. Just_looking

    It doesn’t matter, they will pass the new tax, keep the old tax and still spend more than they collect.

  4. Zoltan

    Get rid of Davis-Bacon and the money wouldn’t be a problem:–Bacon_Act

  5. And tolls will be coming back to CT. Even Scott Frantz said it has to happen. With fuel efficient vehicles on the road, we will need the $. Would love to hear other alternatives…

    • After we end the high speed train to nowhere, from New Haven to Springfield, the HIV express lane bus route from New Britain to Hartford and all other assorted boondoggles, after we stop diverting 70% of all fuel taxes (give Malloy credit, it was 100% before he took office) to the general fund, then we can talk about raising taxes.

  6. FF

    Chris —
    You guys have to win elections. Then, you get to decide where the money goes. And its the HOV lane, an HIV express evokes different imagery

    • I believe I mentioned to you, FF, the displeasure expressed by a friend of mine’s elderly mother when she first saw “HIV” lanes in the DC area: “those gay people just keep demanding special privileges”, she complained. I liked the concept, so adopted it as my own.