Coming our way

45-year-old twins euthanized in Belgium at their request. They weren’t in pain, or even dying, it’s just that they were both going blind and couldn’t see a pleasant future. I’m not against suicide as a general principle, but when the state does it on request, it seems a reasonable suspicion that the decision to live or die will soon be handed over to “quality of life” panels. Got to get these costs under control and as society claims an ever expanding “right’ to control individuals: what we smoke, how we exercise, whether we wear seat belts, the size cola we consume, and so forth, won’t the insistence of an old man on consuming scarce financial resources be seen as the selfish act it is?



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12 responses to “Coming our way

  1. Don Laird

    When one reads of this sort of wretched insanity it strikes a chord that is quite disturbing……

    Whenever I read about state approved euthanasia I am reminded of, amongst many, the likes of Stalin, Hitler and that murderous, grasping crone, Margaret Sanger……..and this scene from the movie “Logan’s Run”.

    This is called the “carousel scene” and in it, young men and women, in their late 20’s, have reached their state mandated “expiration dates” as indicated by the glowing, pulsing red light in their palms, a red light affixed to them at birth.

    All Hail !!….the power of the state!!!

    Double Plus Plus Good Brother!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. The Duke of Deception

    More food and air for the Duke.

  3. Progressive Movement is back strong.
    It all started with NY City ladies wanting too many bird feathers to prove their worth, peaked out with 35 of 48 States with eugenics in their laws just before….Prohibition….
    New Progress ?

  4. JD

    I don’t see the problem. Two adults of sound mind requested permission to end their lives in a legal fashion. I don’t think the state has any role to play in forcing people to stay alive when they want to die. You can argue that there will be efforts to convince people that they do, in fact, want to die (e.g., because they’re old and it’s better to save resources for the young), but that’s a different matter. As i see it, the right to live one’s life as one pleases is inexorable–even in death–so long as leading that life has no non-consensual physical effects on others.

    • I agree that the state has no business telling people they must continue to live when they don’t want to. But as you yourself allude to, it’s whether the state should play any role at all in that death. I think we both agree that it should not, which is why I find its involvement disturbing. From state-sponsored assisted suicide to death panels doesn’t seem too far a leap, to me.

  5. Artie

    They do have eye doctors in Germany, right? Transplants? Something?? Good Lord. most people with cancer are just trying to live long enough for a cure to be found. These two are losing their sight, and call it a day? Woww.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    This makes absolutely no sense. They chose death as they were unable to bear the thought of never seeing one another again. Didn’t anyone tell them if they offed themselves they would never see each other again? They were deaf, but you could have give them a note, right?

    And it is scary that we are going this way. And it will be government administered for sure, because that is the only way they can tax it. You think they are going to miss a revenue opportunity and allow folks to pull their own plug? Of course not!!

    Plus, there aren’t going to be any guns after Barry gets done, so doing it yourself is going to get a lot harder. Pills are no good. Someone could find you and pump your stomach and then you spend the rest of your days as a Cabbage Patch Kid. That would really suck.

    So it looks like death panels are the wave of the future.
    Your Pal,

    • I do worry about them confiscating guns, Walt – anti-gun nuts keep citing deaths by suicide as “gun deaths” that must be eliminated, so we know that method of leaving this mortal coil is in their sights, so to speak. Next will be barriers on bridges and then we’re doomed to waste away in government controlled nursing warehouses, to be disposed of when our masters see fit.