New York State to ban all modern weapons?

That seems to be the promise. . A total ban on “assault rifles”, which is a meaningless term but presumably means anything that looks scary, and all guns look scary to anti-gun nuts, and the outlawing of any gun, handgun or otherwise, with a magazine capacity larger than seven cartridges. Modern semi-automatic pistols, even .22s like my own Ruger Mark III, have 10-round magazines. Revolvers hold just six, so apparently Jesse James can come back from the dead and terrorize the residents of Deadwood with impunity. That’s assuming murder will be legalized, of course, but the New York legislators don’t seem concerned with those kind of laws.

“The legislation will require owners of guns that become illegal under the stricter statute to register their weapons and that the new laws will prohibit transfer of those weapons.”

Confiscation. And state Republicans aren’t even attempting to fight back but instead are squabbling about pork money for schools. Time for a new party.


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10 responses to “New York State to ban all modern weapons?

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    They might as well bury New York’s Republican party leadership now.

    • RL

      Didn’t the United States Supreme Court just kick Chicago in the ass on an issue with a city wide gun ban similar to what is being talked about here? People want to keep screwing with the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution and time and time again it stands crystal clear when the smoke clears. New York may need to waste millions of tax payer dollars
      to learn the same lesson. With their track record of electing liberals like Chuckie Schumer i’m sure that’s the case.

  2. Anonymous

    New York is a lost cause. Pity the good rural folks who are subject to the dictates of New York City delusion and Albany corruption.

    If this passes it’s just another reason among many to avoid living in New York state.

  3. Anonymous

    More bad news for Chip Sko-wrong
    Or however you spell his last name.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Once you register the gun, and they have a full list of who owns what, then they start the confiscation.

    If you bought the gun years ago, followed all the laws, have been an upstanding, law abiding citizen, but fail to register it, now you will be considered a criminal, even though you did nothing wrong, except protest them unlawfully trampling on rights granted to you under the Constitution. It is an absolute disgrace.

    And it won’t prevent a thing. Violent crime will go up. Another mass murder will occur. They are doing nothing to solve the problem, which is a mental health issue. And failure to realize the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. They want the populace defenseless so they are easier to control.

    Here is a woman who survived a mass killing by a lunatic. She makes the best argument for maintaining our Second Amendment rights that I have heard:

    We are quickly headed to a Central Planned, government knows best society.

    So that should work out well.
    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous

    Should Gov Cuomo ever sign a law like this he will never be President which IS a goal of his.

  6. Just the Facts!

    Not a new party…time to get back to our conservative/reasonable American roots. Re-reading Jefferson’s First and Second Inaugural Address is a good start. We can revise our party to be called the Jeffersonian Republican Party.

    First Address:

    Second Address:

  7. Babylon Sister

    Sometimes the best way to vote is with your feet.

    If NY’s law-abiding, tax-paying gun owners move to more permissive states, think of the asphyxiating revenue loss for Cuomo’s “progressive” programs

  8. weakleyhollow

    I guess New York’s problem’s are solved. Down here in Virginia we, ah, don’t have quite such strict gun control. In NY, I suppose the best way to defend yourself is to hire a criminal, since they have the best access to guns. That’s certainly the bes strategy in DC. It might work in Cuomoland.