Riverside continues to perform

7 Dorchester LaneOctober contract, but 7 Dorchester Lane, a 1950 house on 1/4 acre, asked $995,000, sold instantly for $1.025. I’d say “gosh”, but there’s no inventory in this price range.

29 Long Meadow

29 Long Meadow

29 Long Meadow Road, over in NoPo in a good neighborhood, started at $1,099,000 in August and still won’t sell. It’s marked down to $837,000 today – I thought it was a decent value back when it was in the high 8s and I think it’s an even better deal now.


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9 responses to “Riverside continues to perform

  1. Pot Calling Kettle

    you’re right – long meadow is now particularly good value.

  2. Anonymous

    Similar size lots on Druid sell for $1.4 million. This price range will go higher, I presume.

  3. Anonymous

    nothing says “european flair” like a photo of the bathroom with the plunger in plain view.

  4. D

    The million dollar mark in SoPo never ceases to amaze. I hope they tear it down… if they don’t, makes me wonder why they didn’t buy the little Riverside Ave tudor instead.

  5. Score settling?

    Chris, you shouldn’t let people disparage people openly on this website. This could become a venue for score settling between neighbors. I, for one, like the …. very much – only know the mom and daughter but very nice.

  6. Anonymous

    LOVE that neighborhood…great value for someone there. Wish it could have been me …..