Sale, accepted offer, reality check

15 Winding Lane

15 Winding Lane

15 Winding Lane has sold for $4.558 million. Nice house, good sale, but this is one of those $5 million homes I mentioned that never quite achieve their owners’ dreams. This one started at $5.5 million.

41 Deepwoods Lane

41 Deepwoods Lane

41 Deepwoods, Old Greenwich, has an accepted offer. Last asking price was $1.895, asked $2.395 back in 2010. Owners paid $1.2 for it in 1999 and then did some nice renovation work to it more recently. I’d say they made out just fine. Renovated homes in this development sold for about $2.1 million between 2004 and June, 2012, but this one didn’t.

435 Lake Avenue

435 Lake Avenue

And 435 Lake Avenue is back, this time asking $8.5 million, down a tad from the $12.750 it claimed to be worth in 2008-2009. The listing says it’s been renovated since then.


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9 responses to “Sale, accepted offer, reality check

    • Between suppressed emails, doctored “studies” and grossly exaggerated claims by the warmists over the past two decades they really don’t have any credibility left. But grant you your point: what are you going to do about it? You guys can’t just keep announcing that the final, irreversible tipping point is coming and then extend that deadline when the year comes and goes. Face it, Polly, we are not going to shut down the world’s economy – you may succeed in returning the United States to a primitive, Third World society but the rest of the world won’t join western liberals in their suicide pact. So start working on mitigation, rather than chasing windmills, so to speak.

      • Polly Pavel

        I actually completely agree with you Chris (if you can believe it). I think the ridiculousness of what people say and make grand unsupportable statements is prima facie evidence that the speaker of such drivel has an agenda (see Al Gore). The fact is non of us know really anything (about anything).

        Trust me, I am not trying to shut down the world’s economy. I have a (couple of) Range Rover(s) and a 4,800 square foot house (small in these parts). By the way, my house is just for for me, my wife and a really spoiled kid who probably does more damage to the environment than all of my deceased relatives did in their entire lives.

        I think its just funny that people are saying there is (or isn’t) global warming. What do I care, I’ll be dead soon enough anyways – probably by getting shot by some lunatic with a gun!

  1. anon

    Was there a sale on 36 Deepwoods as well?

  2. reality check on prices in 15 winding ln

    wall streeter, do you price high and sell low down there too, if so, you are prob moving since you lost your job

  3. another stb 4 me

    Who is G Crossman and why is he posting your stories a few hours later. Am I missing something here?

  4. The only thing that matters is....

    what do you think 435 Lake is worth? maybe 2 bucks too high?