This is interesting

From reader EOS, who is one of the most sensible contributors to this site:

Just had an experience that freaked me out. Tractor trailer delivery for son for which the driver needed a signature. No problem. BUT, when I reached for the clipboard, what did I see under the receipt but the JOURNAL NEWS map of gun owners, our house circled!!!! I was afraid to confront him and ask what the hell he was doing. Instead, my instinct was to whistle to our pit bull to come sit by my side. She obliged. Nicely.
I think the gun map is an open door policy for any and all users – from truck delivery men who want to see if a house is armed, to Craigslist, to first dates.


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  1. Anonymous

    If this is true – this is very frightening! Can they some how be liable if something “bad” happened? Who were these people and what were they doing at your house? This is very scary~

  2. Peg

    “Scary” a major understatement!! Keep us posted, EOS!

  3. What about calling the company he worked for.?

  4. The only thing that matters is....

    which company was it? we should know for our own safety

  5. I called police and they have come and taken a report. I am going to let them handle this. I am NOT, I repeat, NOT, going to call the trucking company myself. Perhaps it was all innocent, and I am not interesting in antagonizing anyone. It was indeed the LoHud map (to answer LibAdv question in the post where I made this comment.) The street was enlarged and printed out. I know red pin dots when I see them. I’m guessing the driver was not interested in doing me (or anyone) any harm. Rather, I presume he was trying to protect himself, seeing if deliveries he was making are to houses with guns. When Dawg came and sat by me, the driver asked if she was dangerous. I made it perfectly clear, as I held onto Dawg, that she would and could do bodily harm. I have to say seeing the map unglued me. Hubby now home, as is across the street state trooper.

    • Peg

      Oh, EOS! Do what you need to do to protect yourself! My thoughts are with you!

    • Libertarian Advocate

      EOS: I totally get your anxiety, and I think I first advised you to call the Bedford PoPo immediately, but upon reflection, reconsidered my advice pending certainty of what you saw.

      Try this: Go to Google maps and type in your own address. The service will create a red pin at your address. I’m not second guessing here rather just trying to help you reset your nerves a bit. It could well be entirely innocent and coincidental.

      The shame of it is that LoHud has put so many people in fear and potentially in harm’s way for no good purpose.

      • What’s strange is that I do not have a red pin here. Our handguns are all registered in RI. I will neither confirm nor deny that any of those guns have made their way to NY.🙂

        99.99999% of the time I never worry about living in the boonies (Bedford’s equivalent of Greenwich backcountry). As reader Housecat says below, before this map was published, a driver with a map wouldn’t have raised one flag. Nothing. But with so many Journal News stories, my mind went into overdrive today.

        I am sure it was all innocent. I have the driver’s cell phone number on my caller ID (when he called to say he didn’t want to take his semi truck up the winding driveway). And it doesn’t hurt to have four hi-def security cameras outside that record any and all motion. Smile for the camera!

  6. housecat

    I am pro-gun control (not for overturning the 2nd Amendment, btw) but what this newspaper did was totally reckless. It does nothing but put people in danger, regardless of what they claim their motives were. I am sorry this is happening to you, and absolutely do not think that responsible gun owners should have been targeted in this way. How frightening.

  7. David Smith

    People who case houses are almost NEVER the ones who make the hit. They have an arrangement with a professional (or even an organization). Their job is 100% legite. They only get paid for information. The police can almost never bust the one who found the target.

  8. Anonymous

    wave that piece in his face

  9. Anonymous

    Maybe the dots were just the houses on his scheduled delivery route?

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    You “wrote” – “From reader EOS, who is one of the most sensible contributors to this site”.

    So you keep a list of the most sensible readers on this site? What else do you have a list of? Do you have a “Kill List” like Barry and his drones? Do you have an “Enemies List” like Tricky Dick?

    Are you also attaching cookies to me, tracking my every web move, so you know all the good porn sites to visit? You insecure little man.

    And where am I on this list you keep? I deserve to know. It can’t have more than four names. Tell me!!

    I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect! Godfather Dude!! Fredo!!

    Your Pal,

  11. D

    So sorry EOS – that’s terrifying. Get a little kel-tec .32 for your front pocket. Not too expensive and has a great natural point. My wife loves mine at the range. Be strong – I’m certain you’ll be fine.

  12. Mickster

    Can you people all just RELAX ???

    If you’re nervous about callers, hey, just carry your piece at all times.

    While the original ‘outing’ was unconscionable, this over-reaction is just downright scary!

    EOS, if your hardware is indeed registered in Rhode Island, then you shouldn’t be on the LoHUd map -right? Are you on their list or not?
    What’s with the 4 HD cameras? Are you all fing nuts or what?

    What’s going on here – did I not get the memo – should I be loaded for bear and watching my Fedex/UPS guy when he delivers to see if he had my name on a list? Do I need guard dogs to watch my hovel now?

    Change the meds or lighten up on the Glenfiddich, whichever, EOS.

    Gotta go – thought I heard something or someone at the door. Honey, go to the panic room!! Don’t answer unless you hear my code – where’s my AK whatever….Killer, heel!!

    Oohh, its the mailman…wtf…..honey we got another 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond – let’s put the guns and dogs away and lets go get a deal!!

    • Anonymous

      That is fucking hilarious.

    • You miss the point: are you, to quote the warden, being deliberately obtuse? The man arrived with a print out of the Journal News map of gun owners. Not a Texaco raod map (do they still make those?) not a Yahoo printout, the Journal’s gun ownership map.. If you don’t find that odd and at least a little bit scary, then you don’t think so well.

    • Mr. EOS

      Mickster: Pardon my french, but you are an asshole. Normally I love a good laugh. So too the Mrs. Your comments were not remotely funny. EOS is as tough as nails and little gets under her skin. This upset her. The police didn’t think it was funny either. They didn’t ask how much she had been drinking. Nor did they ask why we have security cameras. Rather they assumed we did, like most homeowners today, and wanted the tape. As it turns out, there have been several burglaries with this MO – the front man cases the joint then sends someone back later.

      I only hope that no one ever scares your wife.

      • Mickster

        Mr EOS,

        BTW, my wife literally jumps if someone knocks on our door.

        Anyway, I replied earlier to CF’s posting but that never made the blog so let me explain myself
        AS i read it, EOS seems to contradict her herself in her statements. She said originally that on what she claims to be the Journal News map “your house was circled”. Then later she says “What’s strange is that I do not have a red pin here. Our handguns are all registered in RI”. So, you’re NOT on the LoHud map! Do you now see why I would have an issue here?

        If for some reason I’m misreading this, my apologies. If you’re not on the LoHud map EOS was overreacting to what she saw or misinterpreted what she saw. No biggie – happens all of us only too often.

        My suggestion is that you call CF up, move to Riverside or Old Greenwich – our car doors or houses are often unlocked, we don’t need dogs or HD security cameras.

  13. reader

    Wait, maybe the delivery guy was scared, and made sure to be extra polite so as not to upset anybody who owned a gun. Or maybe he wanted to see what people who owned guns looked like. Maybe he didn’t have a printer at home so he couldn’t print the road map from his computer. Maybe he circled that particular house because it was the biggest delivery ( a tractor trailer is pretty big). Maybe it was circled because it was the house with the winding driveway that would be hard to drive up, so the driver knew he had to call first to say he was there.

  14. Hemp4367

    Sorry, Mickster post is (very) funny. So many loyalists to this blog can dish it out but can’t take it.
    But (as Mickster said) the outing was unconscionable.

  15. Alf

    Yes there are any number of innocent reasons for that map once published (which was malicious), but there are any number of less-than-innocent reasons too.

    I’d say EOS is correct in being suspicious.

  16. Mickster, priceless…panic room…lmao