If you want to make something happen, pass a law

The President of the United States has just informed the House that he refuses to obey the law requiring the submission of a budget by February 1st. This marks the third time in as many years that the president and his Democrat colleagues have broken that law – in fact, the Democrats last submitted a budget in 2009. If the highest office holder in the land feels he is above the law, why do we expect a deranged gunman to pay heed to laws establishing gun-free zones and banning high capacity gun magazines?


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6 responses to “If you want to make something happen, pass a law

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    C’Mon Chris, you already know the answer, laws are for the little people, they never apply to the Elites.

  2. Fred2

    I just want to know why when the congress and other elected officials blow off the law and so forth why this doesn’t automatically kick off legal procedures or result in their removal/special election.

    I mean, if I bend the fargin speed limit by 10mph at 3AM with no one around on dry pavement, the police at the VERY least give me a warning and a hassle. You’d think that failing to accomplish your legal responsibility would give a representative some legal repercussions too.

    • Publius


      I will stand corrected by constitutional scholars, but Congress is exempt from the laws they pass, not individually, but as a political body. As for the lack of budget, there is no enforcement mechanism in the law that requires a budget. Meaningless law, Exhibit A

  3. RL

    A President that threatens to use executive order to GET HIS WAY when he can’t get an issue passed thru congress needs to be IMPEACHED !
    OBAMA needs to be IMPEACHED !

  4. Balzac

    Yesterday Obama held a press conference. His extraordinary confidence (which resembles arrogant certitude) and his training at Harvard Law allow him to sound so intelligent and reasonable.

    “Republicans in Congress have two choices here. They can act responsibly, and pay America’s bills, or they can act irresponsibly and put America through another economic crisis.” For someone who claims to have great sympathy and understanding, there’s not even an effort to understand what the Republicans are trying to do. Let’s ask the Republicans out there: when you go to work in the morning, is it your goal to be irresponsible? (Didn’t think so.)

    Repubs are employing the debt ceiling, a clumsy tool, to affect the unsustainable trend of Federal spending. Why? Because Obama and the Dems continue to evade the law which requires a budget passed by the Congress after proper debate, as Chris has noted! The Dems won’t even try to pass a budget. The last two offerings by Obama received ZERO votes from EITHER party. The Repubs think shouldering their responsibilities means changing the momentum of the spending train as it approaches trouble. In the absence of a budget passed by Congress, the debt ceiling is their only tool.

    To achieve a successful budget would require active negotiations in private with the Repubs. Instead, the celebrity activist avoids the real work of talking with the Repubs to actually make an agreement, and ……..holds a press conference.

  5. Anonymous

    From Hacker Collective Anonymous to Obama regarding gun control:

    Currently being spread among US military and law enforcement: