Just as effective as harassing gun owners

The GAR Evil Princess isn't happy either way

The GAR Evil Princess isn’t pleased

Two six-year-olds suspended from school for playing cops and robbers during recess.


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9 responses to “Just as effective as harassing gun owners

  1. weakleyhollow

    I have a friend who teaches in the People’s Republic of Maryland. This isn’t surprising.

  2. Rivman

    Its too bad. Unfortunately everyone covers their ass because everyone is afraid of a lawsuit should the worst happen.

  3. Daniel

    One of their fingers might actually go off?

  4. AJ

    A very nice photo indeed that you found of the evil princess, but she doesn’t quite fully display her true inner self as you have described her. May I suggest you photoshop a horn growing out of her forehead, much as the pale fellow on the left side of the linked photo from “Conan the Destroyer” has.

  5. AJ

    The GAR without her makeup?

  6. Anonymous

    should have never given women the right to vote, as the assault on masculinity hasnt stopped since. they wont be satisfied until little boys act like little girls

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Our educational elite – women who promote women. It is NOT working for the boys.

  8. armonk

    From NY Legislature:
    The New York law requires that, for the next 120 days, no information about gun permit holders in a new statewide registration database is made available publicly.

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Greenwich Gal: But, but, but…. why do libs keep telling us women are incorruptible?