Off to the very limited open house tour

Not much on today. I don’t do Chieftans, so there go three off the list, I don’t like expensive houses built on swamp land, especially when its owner thinks it’s worth $600,000 more than he paid for it in 2005 (of course, his first broker priced it $1.6 million higher in 2011, so the owner can be forgiven for thinking that he’s come closer to its true value) and so on. Back soon.


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7 responses to “Off to the very limited open house tour

  1. Cos Cobber

    Chieftains is beautiful and quick to Rebecca’s via Sherman and Riversville. You are missing out.

    • The roar of the jets, the scent of kerosene in the morning air, the sea of humanity rushing down King Street and the long, leisurely drive to civilization. Who could deny themselves all that?

      • Cos Cobber

        you dont bother with King, you use Sherman and Riversville. As for jets, yes – it has plenty of those.

  2. Riverside Chick

    Does the new 3.8 “transfer” tax on real estate only apply to $200,000 income single and $250,000 income couples or does it apply to every sale?

  3. Anon

    The Chieftans development is quite nice. I agree with you about the jets and the drive to Greenwich Ave is a pain though. But it’s near the country clubs and Brunswick and the Griff.

  4. anonymous

    Chieftan’s is at one end of what used to be known as “the corridor,” the one part of “back country” where Jews could buy property (not pretty, but true). Chieftan’s was the old Gimbel estate. Irony now that Jews own most of back country, and the former “corridor” along Sherwood is where the few remaining Wasps in town can afford to buy.

    • As a young associate lawyer I used to deliver legal documents to Mr. Gimbel at his house there, occasionally. He seemed to be a very nice man but not surprisingly, he didn’t spend much time with a messenger boy, law degreed or not. But the estate was splendid.