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Shocker: college students taught American history as a lesson in gender, race wars

This article deals with the basic college curriculum but the rot begins much earlier than college. I recently had occasion to browse through a high school student’s AP American History text and everything: the discovery of America, the founding of our country and the expansion of the nation (I left off before I reached the Civil War; couldn’t stand it) was limned as an unbroken parade of oppression and exploitation of Indians, slaves and women. Nothing in there about the principles of freedom, the limitation of government force or accomplishments of men. Imagine U.S. history as written by FWIW’s Dollar Bill. You get the picture.


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Bloomberg: why the long face? Lots of people eat horse

I could just eat you up!

I could just eat you up!

Brits are upset that horsemeat has found its way into their Blimpie Burgers and Bloomberg News asks why. Lots of Europeans feel a little coltish now and then and from Belgium to Italy, from France to Vienna, chowing down on Old Naggy seems to hit the spot.

The author suggests that we don’t shoot horses here because they were once too valuable as transportation, but that doesn’t make much sense to me – surely even the French could figure out how to ride, and use hors douvers. Greenwich residents may remember when, early 70s? – a horse meat shoppe opened at the Riverside Shopping Center and quickly shut down after furious protests from Black Beauty fans. My father, who knew lots of things like this, told me that Anglo-Saxons worshipped the horse and so didn’t eat them, while the Frogs worshipped Bridget Bardot. Makes sense to me, and I’m sure Bridget approved of the arrangement.


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Back country follies

20 Langhorne is back on the market with new owner/builders and a new price, $5.995, for which they will build you a 9,100 sq.ft. home on its five acres. This was once another of the ill-fated Patriot Bank/Jinhua Tsoi collaborations, where Patriot would provide (lots of) money and Mr. Tsoi would build an unsalable home. Other people’s money flowed like water and the energetic Mr. Tsoi did his worst: Langhorne, Montgomery Lane, Byfield, Boulder Brook – I’m sure there were other disasters out there, but you get the drift.

In any event, Tsoi paid $1.9 for this collection of rock and swampland and Patriot, being the inscrutable geniuses they are, loaned him $6 million to build a $14,900,000 18,000 sq. ft. mansion. Wouldn’t you have loved to be in the room while Patriot’s lending officers discussed that one and concluded it was a wise investment? Remind me again why no one’s in jail over there.

So the price dropped, down to $10,000,000 by 2009, no one wanted it, the house was never built and the land returned to nature. Last February Patriot finalized its foreclosure, wrote off its $6 million and sold the land to the present owner for $1 million. They even tossed in a new $3 million mortgage to build a more modest mansion, “but this time we really mean it – you’ve got to build something”. Better a performing asset than a liability, I suppose.

Is there a market for a back country mansion at $6 million? We’ll find out, but at least the new price seems closer to reality. And it will have as its neighbor the Antares Boyz’ empty, 45,000 sq. foot fiasco, so this one will appear modest by comparison. Modest is the new black, I’m told.

The Tsoi Collection, by Patriot

The Tsoi Collection, by Patriot


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Hmm – 60% of young students plan to own guns during their lifetime

Only 33% of them grew up in households with guns.

Those findings were part of a broader study conducted by American University professor Jennifer L. Lawless and Loyola Marymount professor Richard L. Fox which focused on the political opinions of young Americans. The study was conducted prior the recent Newtown massacre, but after the Aurora theatre shooting.

Lawless told Campus Reform on Tuesday that in her view the findings were proof that President Obama should move swiftly, and without the permission of Congress if necessary, in order limit the availability of firearms.

“The next generation plans on owning guns, so if we want to avoid the tragedies that we’ve seen… we obviously need to move quickly and if an executive order is the way to do it, then that is the way the to do it,” she said.

Lawless said the study was not prompted by the Aurora shooting, pointing to the fact that the study focused on a broad range of political opinions among young people which included firearms.

The study indicated that there is no significant difference between the percentage of high school and college students who are considering purchasing firearms. Both polled at about 60 percent.

Students who identified as Democrats were twice as likely to fear gun violence as those who were not, the study found. Only 33 percent of the respondents who were questioned were raised in households where guns were owned.

David Burnett, the public relations director of the conservative student group Students for Concealed Carry, told Campus Reform on Tuesday he was not surprised by the study’s result.

“With every single spree killing we’ve seen in this nation in the past twenty years, with every sexual assault that takes place, nine every day on college campuses, with every robbery report we have, with every campus that goes on lockdown, these gun free zones are proven to be indefensible and impractical,” he said.

“College campuses put pictures on the door and expect psychopaths to abide by them,” he continued. “I think more and more college students have been waking up to this reality in the past five years since Virginia tech and they don’t want it.”

Next they’ll discover that “free” healthcare isn’t free!


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Phew, for a moment there I feared that Obama was actually going to interfere with gun ownership with his executive orders

It seems he was just after a photo-op with those cute children. Here’s the summary.
UPDATE: CBS: Obama, the NRA and the Nazis. Just as long as they keep their perspective here.


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A modest sale and, finally an accepted offer on Long Meadow

40 Indian Field Road closed at $730,000. This home was discussed here last month when its contract was reported and the general consensus among readers was, “are they outta their minds?” but I stand by my initial opinion: not a bad deal. Yes, it’s on a very busy street – Indian Field is the cut-through to Exit Four, and it’s not a very large home, but it backs up to the Milbrook golf course and so has a far nicer view than most houses in this price range, it’s got a new kitchen and baths and, considering what’s available, I think the buyer did okay.
The sellers paid $765,000 in 2008, made the improvements mentioned and put it back on the market in 2010 for $975,000, which proved too aggressive. But $730,000? I think that’s a good price for entry into Greenwich.

And 29 Long Meadow Road, Riverside north of the Post Road, reports an accepted offer! I posted on this just Monday, when the price was reduced again, this time to $837,000 and, this time, that proved the charm (the price reduction, obviously, not my touting it). I said before that I thought there was value here when it was still priced in the high 8s and thus $837 was just more of a bargain. I’m glad they found a buyer – this is a nice house.


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Good neighborhood, small house

9 Mortimer Dr

9 Mortimer Dr

9 Mortimer Drive, Old Greenwich, is back, now priced at $1.595.. 2005 sales price was $1,607,500, and some improvements have been made, but this remains a tiny house with no garage. It is on a good street south of the Village, so there’s that.


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