A modest sale and, finally an accepted offer on Long Meadow

40 Indian Field Road closed at $730,000. This home was discussed here last month when its contract was reported and the general consensus among readers was, “are they outta their minds?” but I stand by my initial opinion: not a bad deal. Yes, it’s on a very busy street – Indian Field is the cut-through to Exit Four, and it’s not a very large home, but it backs up to the Milbrook golf course and so has a far nicer view than most houses in this price range, it’s got a new kitchen and baths and, considering what’s available, I think the buyer did okay.
The sellers paid $765,000 in 2008, made the improvements mentioned and put it back on the market in 2010 for $975,000, which proved too aggressive. But $730,000? I think that’s a good price for entry into Greenwich.

And 29 Long Meadow Road, Riverside north of the Post Road, reports an accepted offer! I posted on this just Monday, when the price was reduced again, this time to $837,000 and, this time, that proved the charm (the price reduction, obviously, not my touting it). I said before that I thought there was value here when it was still priced in the high 8s and thus $837 was just more of a bargain. I’m glad they found a buyer – this is a nice house.


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5 responses to “A modest sale and, finally an accepted offer on Long Meadow

  1. Anonymous

    I understand your criticism re the bathroom photos, but the house was spotless, sparkling clean.

  2. D

    I think its tough for a lot of people to see themselves living on Indian Field Road with all the regular highway and truck traffic at any price in any house. If the buyers wanted Greenwich, then they got it, and with what looks like a reasonable deal. An ass for every seat, right?

    • I’ve shown properties that were so noisy, to my ears, that I’d never live there but certain clients have said, in effect, “hey, I live in Brooklyn – you call this noisy?” So indeed, tolerance for such things is entirely subjective. Driving around town, I often reflect on the fact that every house I see, no matter its location, was bought by someone, and in the case of older homes, bought repeatedly. So there it is.

  3. Cos Cobber

    the buyer did well at this price. yes its a tough location with respect to busy indian field road, but you will not get a better combination of schools, lot size and cute house for the money. the renovations are tasteful too and practically free at this price.