Bloomberg: why the long face? Lots of people eat horse

I could just eat you up!

I could just eat you up!

Brits are upset that horsemeat has found its way into their Blimpie Burgers and Bloomberg News asks why. Lots of Europeans feel a little coltish now and then and from Belgium to Italy, from France to Vienna, chowing down on Old Naggy seems to hit the spot.

The author suggests that we don’t shoot horses here because they were once too valuable as transportation, but that doesn’t make much sense to me – surely even the French could figure out how to ride, and use hors douvers. Greenwich residents may remember when, early 70s? – a horse meat shoppe opened at the Riverside Shopping Center and quickly shut down after furious protests from Black Beauty fans. My father, who knew lots of things like this, told me that Anglo-Saxons worshipped the horse and so didn’t eat them, while the Frogs worshipped Bridget Bardot. Makes sense to me, and I’m sure Bridget approved of the arrangement.


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7 responses to “Bloomberg: why the long face? Lots of people eat horse

  1. Mickster

    HUGE story in Ireland today – Liffey Meats and another company bring part of the investigation. Other meat processing companies (including one that makes 3 million burgers PER DAY for McDonalds) get the all clear. Also of note , that cheese on your McD cheeseburger – also Irish. As Cramer in Seinfeld would say “Giddyup!”

  2. Al Dente

    I make a linguine with clam sauce, mmmm deliziosa! Tastes like Sophia Loren. No eat a cavallo.

  3. AJ

    How about just plain “eating it”:

    “Quick, someone call Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

    In a truly stranger than fiction episode, the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax reports it expects to lose $1.4 million this year on operations of its four Tim Hortons hospital locations.

    You read that right: Lose money. On Timmys.

    “One wonders, how do you lose money on a Tim Hortons? ” asks Premier Darrell Dexter, earning the nomination for Most Obvious Question of the Week. “But anything, I suppose, is possible.”

    Especially when government gets involved.

    But rest assured, taxpayers. In the next breath, and in a Lance Armstrong-esque whopper, the premier assures us that the loss won’t eat into the hospital’s budget for health care (which is news, by the way, to the hospital). Guess Dexter will tap that giant Government Snafu Fund, which is also worthy of entry in Ripley’s, as a documented bottomless pit.

    The problem here is not that Nova Scotians are less patriotic than the rest of us, and therefore don’t see the ordering of a daily double-double at Timmys as part of their obligation to country and kin. Nope, the problem is that Nova Scotians have a hospital that is run by people with all the business sense of a fritter.

    They pay their unionized hospital employees to work at their Timmys counters, for $20 an hour.

    Now, we’re all in favour of a good wage. But when …”

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    As the sire of five fine filly’s, your discussion of eating Horse meat makes my sphincter so tight, you couldn’t pull a pin out of my ass with a tractor. STOP IT!!! You cannibal.

    Anyhows, while searching for some midget porn today, I stumbled upon this little nugget, and thought of you for some reason.

    This author claims this interview with Megan Fox is the WORST thing ever written:

    Now to be honest, I didn’t read the article, but I did look at all the pictures. Megan is quite the little stud muffin, isn’t she?

    BUT!!!! Even without reading the article, I am pretty sure your “writing” is worse than this. Can I send the author some of your stuff where you make up big words, to prove to her that this article is NOT the worst thing ever written? That your stuff beats it hands down? Maybe she will write an article about you!!

    You horse eating publicity whore.

    Your Pal,

  5. Cobra

    I recall the horse meat butcher shop at the Riverside Thruway Shopping Center well. I patronized it frequently, despite the picketing by horse lovers from Round Hill Stables. Great lean, healthy steaks and ground meat. Back then, we once hosted a cocktail/BBQ party at our house in Riverside at which several fellow RYC junior family couples were in attendance. Nearly all complemented me on the great tasting steaks and burgers. After all had happily gorged themselves on my equine concoctions, I mentioned that I had purchased the meat at that store. While most guys (who had by then consumed an excess of adult beverages) didn’t care, several wives seemed close to projectile vomiting. I had a great time that evening.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Cobra: Fillets of Arabian mare or gelding shank steak? Women are such wusses, but it never seems to stop them wearing fashionable horse hide boots from Parisian couturiers. Funny that.

  7. armonk

    BB is 78 now, I eat the horsemeat!