Good neighborhood, small house

9 Mortimer Dr

9 Mortimer Dr

9 Mortimer Drive, Old Greenwich, is back, now priced at $1.595.. 2005 sales price was $1,607,500, and some improvements have been made, but this remains a tiny house with no garage. It is on a good street south of the Village, so there’s that.


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9 responses to “Good neighborhood, small house

  1. anonymous

    What’s that thing on the back deck? They take it out of the bordello master bedroom?

  2. Polly Pavel

    Good luck with the floods!

  3. 2x assessment

    seller must think people love og to pay that price on a 20’s colonial – good luck

  4. Anonymous

    does it float?

  5. long gone mortimer

    Geez. The dollar aint worth much today is it? When that house was 45 years old it was sold for about 24k. In the mid 60’s that neighborhod housed cops, school teachers, electrolux and cyanimid workers and a couple of commuters. Todays $1.5m house, housed yesterdays assembly line worker. Masters of the universe indeed.

  6. D

    Nice corner lot, but jeez… Any way to comp out their purchase in 2005? Feels like they may have grossly overpaid back then.

  7. If you're gonna have a Buddha.........

    Better get the Buddha off the floor, that is a disgraceful placement.
    This house could use Buddha power.