What? Cuomo’s gun law is about politics, not substance? I’m shocked

Here’s one observer who is not impressed.

The law focuses heavily on rifles, for example, never mind that rifles were used in all of five murders in New York state in 2011; fists killed 28.

As for handguns, New York’s laws are already among the nation’s strictest — but criminals simply ignore them; only Mayor Bloomberg’s aggressive stop-and-frisk program seems to be having any positive effect. When he’s gone, so will be stop-and-frisk, and then it’ll be Katie-bar-the-door once again.

But if Cuomo had waited, some other governor would have gotten there first — dimming the luster of his own rising star.

In that respect, the gun bill essentially embodies the cynicism that has animated the administration from its first days.


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19 responses to “What? Cuomo’s gun law is about politics, not substance? I’m shocked

  1. Balzac

    …there is a lovely passage in Kipling’s Kim. An old soldier is guiding the old lama to a particular destination. The soldier has a sword. And the lama, a man of peace, says, “What profit to kill men?” The soldier answers, ‘Very little – as I know; but if evil men were not now and then slain it would not be a good world for weaponless dreamers.” (from Peace, They Say by Nordlinger)

    The Democrats want you to be a weaponless dreamer.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    The Obama Administration is in a coordinated propaganda effort with the MSM, the likes of which has never been seen since Herman Goring did it for Nazi Germany!!

    The White House released letters from little brats calling for gun control:

    And at his press conference today, to announce the dismantling of the Second Amendment, the Commie in Chief is going to be surrounded by a bunch of snot nosed tots!! PURE PROPOGANDA I SAY!! It is so blatantly obvious a moron could see it. You do see it… right?

    Can’t people see this is being orchestrated in order to accomplish a radical political agenda to disarm the citizenry, in direct violation of our Constitutional Rights, and not save any human lives? NONE!!

    It is an absolute tragedy, and we will not recognize this country by the time Barry and his group of thugs are through.

    Your Pal,

  3. armonk

    …The New York law requires that, for the next 120 days, no information about gun permit holders in a new statewide registration database is made available publicly.

  4. Anonymous

    People should be reminded of the significant role that Cuomo played in the fininacial meltdown when he was heading up HUD during the Clinton administration. See below.

    Another lengthy video attempts to highlight the beginnings of the subprime loan disaster, and it’s well worth watching. Andrew Cuomo, then Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary, held a press conference on April 6, 1998, explaining a settlement reached with a major bank on a lending discrimination case based presumably on the CRA. Cuomo brags about how “this administration will enforce the law”, but he also makes a very telling admission about the $2.1 billion in subprime loans that the bank would offer as a result of the settlement:

    They would not have qualifed but for the affirmative action on the part of the bank, yes.
    He then admits that there would be “higher risk”, and a higher default rate, on the loans the Clinton administration forced this bank to make. He also admits that the action forced this bank to lower its standards on loan qualification as a remedy to supposed discriminatory action in the past by relying on income and equity requirements. Cuomo describes everything wrong with subprime lending and reveals the government’s efforts to distort private lending markets to force “fairness” in outcomes.

    The financial world did not collapse because of 15,000 loans from this one settlement, but this case did not exist in isolation. Cuomo held this press conference as a warning to all lenders that the Clinton administration intended to enforce the CRA broadly with all lenders, and in fact he explicitly stated this. When that didn’t free up credit as quickly as Clinton desired, he and Congress mandated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to purchase more subprime paper — which Cuomo baldly admitted was riskier and would have a higher rate of failures — and to turn them into mortgage-backed securities, which they marketed as low-risk investments based on implicit government backing.

    This did what the heavy-handed enforcement of the CRA could not: it made lenders enthusiastic about subprime lending. Why? They could make short-term profit on every mortgage regardless of the borrower’s ability to repay, because Fannie and Freddie would buy them anyway. With the risk removed from lending, subprime loans became quick-buck rackets for all lenders, predatory or not.

    The second half of the video relates what we already know about Barack Obama. He sued Citibank to force more subprime lending, and his ACORN partners did the same elsewhere, initiating actions like the one Cuomo heralds here as a great breakthrough in affirmative-action lending. Obama bears responsibility at the edges for the beginning of this disaster, and more for his inaction while in the Senate as Alan Greenspan warned them of the coming collapse. Most of this falls on the Clinton administration and Congress in 1998-2000, who set this brush fire alight and then kept the firefighters at OFHEO at bay by calling them racists.

  5. sunbeam43

    You hit the nail smack on its head with this Chris!!!!! Although some of us already knew it was all for political gain for this bonafide progressive! God save us from this creep in 2016!!!!!!!

  6. OG17

    How long will it take before Malloy brings NY’s draconian gun law to CT? He has delusions of grandeur equal to Cuomo, or as Bob Grant would say Sfachim jr.

  7. Dollar Bill

    Little flying monkeys are emerging from the ears of Walt and others to a bunch of pretty toothless executive actions by Obama. Get a grip, guys: no one is coming after your semi-automatics, your shoulder-launched missiles, and hand grenades. No black UN helicopters are coming to steal your guns away. Not every tentative step to “regulate” the militia is a global threat to human freedom, despite what Alex Jones, CF, and other NRA loons are saying.

    • Is Diane Feinstein a loon? Well yes, of course she is, but she’s one of yours and she’s vowed to confiscate all semi-automatics on the death of their owners. Governor Cuomo has vowed to confiscate all semi-automatics now, as opposed to waiting, and has been joined in that call by Mayor Bloomberg. All three of these individuals have been cited here with links to their quotes and even video of the news conferences where they announced their plans. Are you calling these politicians liars? Have you finally woken up and jonied us here on the dark side? Congratulations.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Dollar Bill!

      Where ya’ been? The EBT cards were refreshed two weeks ago!

  8. sfcmac

    Chris, you have GOT to check this out. James O’Keefe has struck again, this time hoisting the gun control nuts on their own petard:

  9. Sorebone

    Cuomo’s star may be rising in some distant universe but his maniacal rant today fairly well insured that it will never shine beyond the dim skys of NY. It is just sad that we have arrived at a day when someopne as ignorant of the constitution as Cuamo could rise to the office of governor of a state.

  10. LEORET

    What we need is a new interactive map showing the home addresses and and any other particulars of interest, of every treacherous New York State Assemblyman and Senator who voted for this abomination of a Bill; a wall of infamy, if you will.

  11. Artie

    Bratton started stop and frisk, not Bloomberg. Only off by 20 years…

    • Bratton initiated a lot of good ideas beginning, I think, with the elimination of the squeegee pests. Not surprised to learn that it was he who started stop and frisk. AJ’s objections noted, I still like the concept of separating criminals from their guns.

  12. jB

    After each one of these bills are passed, the authors will be on the front steps to declare to an eager press: ‘This is an important first step …’