Constitutional experts: No right of free speech for television, movies or cable

In a radical rethinking of their interpretation of the Constitution, liberals have determined that the First Amendment was written when people communicated by voice or through the marvel of moveable type, period: new media weren’t contemplated and thus are not included in the protection afforded by that Amendment. Greenwich Democrat’s Designated Intellectual, Dollar Bill, tells us why:

“Like the rest of our  prescriptions for society,” he explained, “our policies were ill thought out and, frankly, just plain wrong. The Newtown massacre forced us to realize that: rights bestowed on us by a beneficent government are limited to the technology existing at the time they were granted: citizens are thus permitted muskets and bows and arrows, period. And having discovered that limitation, it was of course blindingly obvious that the same interpretation must be applied to the rest of our supposed rights. As the result, we Democrats have immediately cancelled all television advertising and will restrict ourselves to handbills and indignant letters to the editor in future elections.”

Immigration and naturalization control, Reno style

Immigration and naturalization control, Reno style (note high capacity magazine)

Encouraged by his self-criticism, we read Dollar Bill these further comments from Dr. Milton Wolf and asked if he agreed:

Law-abiding, free people should have the right to arm themselves with whatever weapons their government would use against them.If the world is sufficiently dangerous that the police require semi-automatic rifles with large-capacity magazines, then do not the free citizens who are sovereign over the police and who also live in the same dangerous world deserve to similarly protect themselves from it? In fact, are not the citizens — not the police — always the first ones who are forced to face those dangers?

Bill was unswayed, his reeducation still incomplete: “the point of a massively armed police force is to control the populace,” he insisted. “Do we want anarchy in our streets? Resistance to lawful orders from authority? I think not – the majority rules, under our progressive theory of government, and the majority want to be ruled. You old farts are past your expiration date. Get with it or get run over; your choice.”


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22 responses to “Constitutional experts: No right of free speech for television, movies or cable

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    I’ve used the 1st Amendment counter argument now three times now. Each time it blew the anti-gunner’s 2A “musket” argument totally out of the water. One of them was a very smart retired white shoe firm lawyer. All he could say is. You’re right, you’re right…

  2. Dollar Bill

    According to your demented logic, citizens are entitled not just to AR 15s and other mass killing machines, but tactical nuclear weapons, drones, surface to air missiles, etc. No wonder your side keeps losing elections. You’ve gone so far around the bend, you don’t know when to quit. You disgust even most NRA members…

  3. Peg

    I’m sure $Bill will be delighted to explain to us why, when places like Newtown and Chicago have THE MOST STRINGENT GUN LAWS IN THE NATION – that the school shooting still occurred in the former and people all over the place are being murdered day in and day out in the former.

    Is it (gasp) possible that these scores of gun laws really don’t actually achieve the result that they are purported to achieve?

  4. Fred2

    Ha, Since some of signers of the BofR & constitution both owned small warships and certainly full fledged cannon. Really. And they explicitly talked about how that’s both legal and good.


    I’m looking forward rolling down Penn Ave with my pals trucks each towing a 8″ muzzle loading beast loaded with period appropriate sabot rounds, solids or grapeshot.

    Wouldn’t you rather we had a modern semi-auto rifles? 🙂

  5. Peg

    I admit I am an utter, ignoramus when it comes to all things firearms. But – I’m able to look, read, watch and learn. FYI:

  6. Pinzgauer

    typically I try to avoid stooping to liberals’ way of debating – personal name calling – however it pains me too much to imagine what the founding fathers put on the line just so that idiot’s like $bill can piss all over the freedoms for which they died.

    I have gone from not agreeing with “them” to not liking them to now simply despising them.

  7. RL

    It’s easy for the no guts no balls liberals to sit back and bash the NRA if it were up to those types, the British would be running this country. I have been an NRA member for over 32 years since the age of 16. Past NRA Presidents have been men and women of honor a lot of which served their country in either law enforcement careers or the military(i.e. Harlon Carter, Joe Foss, etc. ). I am sick and tired and hearing them trashed by left wing liberals that know nothing about them other than what they “think” they stand for or what the organization stands for, most don’t have a clue.
    I had my first handgun at the age of 9. My Father had me shooting in competitive pistol shooting at age 13. I was reloading my own ammunition at age 14. A hobby I continue today. A family tradition that has been passed down to my son. At age 19 I joined a police dept. as a dispatcher and later at age 21 was sworn and sent to the state academy and certified as a police officer. For 29 years I wore a badge and I served my state as a peace officer. I never got jaded over people using guns in crimes, I never got jaded over drunks using cars in crimes it’s the same damn thing. Through the years I became a firearms instructor and taught other law enforcement officers in my agency, surrounding agencies and in the state academy. I credit my ability to do this from learning from a master NRA competitive shooter, my father.
    Thank you Dad.
    P.S. Thank you Son, For Caring Enough to Stand Up to Protect those Who are unable to Protect themselves as you follow in my foot steps. My son is now an NRA certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor…..I guess that’s a terrible thing to people like Dollar Bill, But in our family in the mid-west we are very proud.

  8. Dollar Bill

    I would wager, RL, if you took a survey of law enforcement officers, the vast majority of them favor keeping these insane weapons in the hands of law enforcement, not the general populace. That’s a no brainer. Law enforcement favors the Obama approach on gun safety, not the crackpot NRA approach, which advocates unlimited, unrestricted private access to tanks, missiles, grenades, on top of ARs, etc., all justified by a misreading of the 2nd amendment that even Judge Scalia wouldn’t countenance. Get real.

  9. Peg

    Perhaps if $Bill keeps on repeating the types of falsehoods that he’s typed above, over and over, someone will start to think that they’re really accurate.

    I, however, shall not be among them.

    • Rick

      Perhaps in the spirit of the Journal-News, Dollar Bill’s real name, address and telephone number should be made public knowledge and posted on an iteractive map.

      • Well, I’ve respected his anonymity so far, but having seen his desperate attempts over the past year to convince his fellow Greenwich Democrat Committee member to fire me, I’m rapidly losing patience – free speech for those he agrees with, silence those he opposes. He’s a despicable intellectual and moral midget.

  10. RL

    Well Dollar Bill once again you are wrong, I can’t speak for other states but I know thousands of law enforcement officers in my state. After 29 years of service I can say that 90 to 95 % of the law enforcement officers I have met and I that I have discussed this issue with stand on the side of the 2nd Amendment. You see, we understand that, illegal people, drugs and guns come across our borders everyday. For years we have seen our governments different approach at combating this or that and the so-called war on drugs here and there and they can’t even secure our borders. WHY ? Why is that Dollar Bill ? The black-tar heroin is coming across as bad as the marijuana and the crystal methamphetamine now.
    I attended the SW Border Violence Conference in El Paso Texas Aug.2011.
    There were LE agencies from all over the southwestern states there complaining about the lack of help from the federal government. Sheriff’s , Chiefs, Border Patrol, even Mexican Federal officials from south of the border in attendance. It was suppose to be the first annual conference.
    Guess what ? Mysteriously funding was cut and sponsors like the U.S. Border Patrol were not able to help sponsor another. The violence from the cartels is spilling over into this country, they have operatives in this country now setting up their “turf” in major cities. We got to see first hand the slides and films of the horrid crimes scenes they are working across the border. The daily beheadings that they say will come here soon. I believe Arizona has already had the first. Phoenix PD had a lieutenant there that put on a presentation about the hundreds of kidnappings they have worked since 2003 and the daily problems associated with violent young street gangs from Mexico. So Dollar Bill, Do you or I have the right to tell anyone in that path that they don’t have the right to purchase an AR-15 rifle to protect their family or loved ones ? Because I sure as hell could not in good faith as a law enforcement officer have one in my car to protect myself, but say nay to the average legal law abiding citizen. It sounds like maybe you have lived in the east all of your sheltered life and don’t get out much in the REAL WORLD.
    The Law Enforcement Officers I know despise Obama and A.G. Holder especially for what that administration did during the Fast and Furious scam that has yet to be properly investigated.

    • GFY

      RL, that sentiment is not as widely felt in new england and new jersey. Most law enforcement I know (maybe 20 or so) fear criminals armed with assault weapons, hollowed bullets, armored piercing bullets etc. Rational thought is the better part of valor, or something like that.

      • RL

        Some people fear too much in this world and others not enough, I have seen more officers injured by drunks while on traffic stops than I have from gunfights in my career. I have seen some thru the years that needed to be in a different line of work as well. Not all that wear the badge do it honorably and when that happens the rest of us pay dearly. I never feared going to work and having to do my job. I couldn’t count the armed & barricaded situations I’ve had to deal with thru the years.. I always tried to treat people fairly and equally.

        I have trained others under me to do the same. You can’t write everyone a ticket, you can’t throw everyone in jail and sometimes a kind word and a handshake is what the situation calls for. I built my reputation day by day , year by year and I retired with a good name in law enforcement after 29 years. I am proud of that. I was always fair and honest. I will expect no less from my son and HE KNOWS THAT. He tells me all the time that he knows he has big shoes to fill. I am just proud that he sees it that way.

        After 29 years and having to work numerous part-time jobs to make ends meet I have just about wore myself out early. Another rebuild on my titanium knees is coming soon. Neuropathy issues and titanium cages in my spine. I didn’t want to retire at 29 years of service. Health issues pushed that. I’ve walked thru a lot of doors and made truck loads (hundreds) of felony arrests in those 29 years, RATIONAL THOUGHT YOU SAY ? Rational thought kept me alive along with countless hours of training and being mentally prepared. But between us, it was the psycho calls when you showed in the middle of the night on a trouble unknown and you made entry only to realize the electricity is off in the residence and as you make entry the light-bulb in your issue flashlight fails….and you start wondering about the knife that was missing from the butcher block on the kitchen counter. That’s when the figure on the paycheck really sucks.

        • GFY

          I applaud your honorable service (though CF probably thinks you’re a millionaire pensioner earned eating donuts). But, I think you’d be surprised by the number of cops in this neck of the woods who want tighter gun control laws to minimize the danger they’re exposed to.

  11. RL

    Well GFY,
    It’s a long story but bottom line NO PENSION, we have been trying for some time in this state to get a 20 years pension plan for deputy sheriffs but it has yet to pass. The current plan is the same as the state teachers retirement plan of 90, years of service and age have to meet 90 and unfortunately my health didn’t hold out.

  12. David Smith

    “the point of a massively armed police force is to control the populace,”

    I must be naive. I thought it was to protect the populace. Of course, 1984 speak is common on the left.

    “Do we want anarchy in our streets?

    Something carefully ignored by the left but confirmed by personal conversation w howling anarchists: There is NO difference between a mature anarchy and a mature communism.

    Resistance to lawful orders from authority?

    Let us REMEMBER: Slavery was legal, the holocaust was legal, the holomodor was legal, divine right was legal, in England it is legal for a judge to punish someone for telling the truth (check it out), in Arabia it is legal to sew your daughters vaginas shut, etc. What the government does is legal by definition.

    Majority want to be ruled.

    In my entire 65 years of experience and 3 university degrees, I have NEVER met anyone who wanted to be a slave.