It’s open house Thursday!

A couple of new ones to see but otherwise, repeats. Martin Luther Kingdom Day comes this Monday, I think, and in the past that has marked the kickoff for the spring season. I’m hopeful that this year will prove no exception and that we’ll begin to see new inventory next week.

One house that’s not on the tour but does report a price cut to $1.395 million today is 90 Buckfield Lane, a 1987 home that sold new back then for $845,000 and five years later for $735,000. This time it started at $1.995, with the result we see today. I’m not criticizing this house: by all appearances it seems like a perfectly nice example of 1987 construction and if it were somewhere closer to town would probably have sold by now. But Buckfield is in nosebleed territory, and homes up there aren’t moving with alacrity.  At some price, someone will be willing to make that commute: I’ll be curious to see what that price is.

90 Buckfield

90 Buckfield


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6 responses to “It’s open house Thursday!

  1. anonymous

    Blue! De-clutter, de-color and presto, not a bad little house on Round Hill at a good price.

  2. Anonymous

    good grief why do people put plates on walls?

    take ’em off with a shotgun. if those are still legal, that is.

  3. pulled up in OG

    Schizophrenic roof. Half a gambrel even worse than whole..

  4. ShedLessToolMan

    I am super passionate about roofing.. in fact, I frequently pleasure myself to the latest issue of Roof Fusion DIgest. I remember this house as the Roof Fusion Centerfold of July 2008. Her turn-offs were overweight roof workers and turn-ons were guys named walt.

    ahh… what a roof.. she will make some lucky buyer so so happy.. long time..