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Not too much of note, but I thought 33 Ballwood in Old Greenwich stood out. $4.2 million, which puts it just out of my reach but having spent much of the fall working with a client sifting through this price range’s inventory, I think $4.2 is justified. Value in these situations is relative, and comparing 33 Ballwood to other Old Greenwich/Riverside homes, this is a decent price.

It was built for these owners in 2002 so it’s custom, not a spec, and the quality is exceptional. Great use of space, lots of expensive touches and solid. The yard is tiny, which rules it from consideration for those who want, you know, an actual yard, but if you’re willing to trade land for neighborhood, here you go. And many people are indeed willing to make that exchange, as evidenced by the strong recovery in prices down here. Plus, this house stayed dry during Sandy’s floods – that sets it apart from many older homes in the area.

A steal? Not on your life, but I think this is well priced. It’s Ellen Mosher’s listing, and Ellen almost always gets these things right.

33 Ballwood

33 Ballwood


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14 responses to “Open house results

  1. ball wood sure gets the gals, and some guys, excited

    great address, who named the street ballwood, some peckerhead?

  2. shoeless

    The assessment looks waaaaaay off relative to the asking price.

  3. burningmadolf

    Haven’t been down there in years (since I sold) but does the intersection of Ballwood and Holman still flood?

    • I’d keep a boat handy if I lived down there and wanted to leave, but as long as you’re willing to stay put, this house remains dry.

      • burningmadolf

        Yeah, I seem to recall that area being the highest in the whole association? Relative, yes, but way better than a pond in your front yard.

  4. Anonymous

    Zestimate looks low as well.

  5. D

    At $1K/sf, don’t you need more booze in that wine cellar?

  6. Jane

    Lovely on the inside, too.

    • Backcountry

      Really – are we looking at the same house?

      • It’s a beautiful house – the comment was from someone who never saw it but felt it necessary to chime in and display his ignorance. We get people like that here and sometimes, I let their comments through. See, e.g., Dollar Bill.

  7. Bobby

    send this house to Stamford where it belongs …….$4mm+ ? forget it………

  8. Anonymous

    speaking of stamford, what do you think of those palmer hill condos on havemeyer?

    • They’ve been doing very well recently. A new owner (nothing wrong with the first developer that I could tell but they ran out of money fighting Greenwich for approval to exit on Havemeyer and when the housing crash ht, that was it). The project’s being finished, the units are selling nicely – probably because prices were reduced, but hardly to fire sale levels and in fact, I believe they’re rising again. So all in all, lookin’ good, Billy Ray.

  9. Anon

    I like Ellen and its nice you’re protecting her, but it would be amazing if she got anywhere close to this price. Price to assessment ratio is too high as you always noted. Also the garage looks strange near the front door and it might be difficult to exit,