Picture of the day



January 18, 2013 · 9:46 am

10 responses to “Picture of the day

  1. AJ

    A gun free utopia, brought to you at the point of a gun.

  2. Al Dente

    Tanks for the memories….

  3. sunbeam43

    Is it Eco-friendly?? Tee hee!

  4. D

    I’m sure bama’s looking to make these run on french fry oil…

  5. Anonymous

    The police’s need to feel protected like that when dealing with criminals is a direct consequence of the years of easy access to guns and ammunition that you all have supported–so you have nobody to blame but yourselves for the expense and the absurdity of police having to use vehicles like that.

    • Oh for God’s sake, would you listen to yourself? Off hand, I remember one shoot out in California some years ago involving a couple of criminals – all the rest of what’s in your fevered mind were placed there by Hollywood movies.

    • AJ

      Anonymous, you have spent far too much time in your own version of some platonic cave. Time for you to step out into the sunlight:

  6. Fred2

    “The police’s need to feel protected like that when dealing with criminals is a direct consequence of the years of easy access to guns and ammunition that you all have supported–”


    Years of that and the the homicide rate has dropped to the 1960’s level.
    Police are generally shot, when it happens, with pistols that have no more power and LESS common availability now than they did in 60 years ago. And the cops wear bullet vests these days.

    The big difference is the “War on (some) Drugs” – make that into a health (and tax) issue between you and your doc and the crime rate in this country would drop like a lead balloon. Arrest junkies not for having drugs, but for doing dumb stuff like stealing.

    Also you could stop the FedGov from giving away military gear to the police, I’ll betcha 99.9% is pointless and never used right, and just encourages the cops to act like badly trained military wannabes.

    • AJ

      It’s unlikely that the drug war will ever end: it’s far too profitable. Besides it was the first intrusion into our civil liberties on a massive scale, where everyone is suspected of being criminal, and the consequences of smoking pot are grave enough to throw out the fourth amendment (warrantless searches) and the fifth amendment (asset forfeiture upon arrest, not conviction). It has pyschologically prepared us for acts like the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretaps, and the NDAA which would have been, even after 9-11, a bridge to far if we hadn’t been conditioned to give up freedom for security by way of the drug war.

      One of the biggest drug dealers in America, is our own government. Fast and furious was a guns for drugs operation (Google drugs, guns and the CIA), there is plenty of credible evidence that this has been going on for a long time. And of course, it’s a beautiful thing: drugs are the perfect tool for coruption, the perfect way to fund clandestine operations, anything else you don’t want showing up on the books, a great way to buy and own people, and you can arrest the fools who buy your goods to stick them in slave labor private prisons that steal American jobs, but allow the right companies to compete with Chinese manufacturing.

      Remember Obama said he was going to leave medical marijuana alone? You didn’t really believe that did you?
      ‘Medical marijuana proprietor gets 10-year prison sentence’

      My favorite, and a recurring story that has appeared in newspapers over the years is Police Chiefs who say that marijuana has to stay illegal because it reduces productivity. Since when did how hard you worked for your pay become a police matter?