Somehow, I have my doubts

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 3.10.01 PMWanna date black men in Greenwich? Register here! Lots of good tips for meeting that special someone, including churches, fitness gyms and chitlin bars, but I like this one best:

Best Places To Meet Black Men in Greenwich, Connecticut

Golf Clubs in Greenwich

Round Hill Golf Club

  • 33 Round Hill Club Rd, Greenwich, CT

  • (203) 869-2350


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15 responses to “Somehow, I have my doubts

  1. Mark B.

    Holy CRAP!!
    CHITLIN BARS?!? Are you Daniel Tosh!?!

    *notes*- 1. Yes, I’m white. 2. Tosh is freakin hilarious.

  2. Anonymust

    I believe every club in Greenwich has blacks – perhaps in varying proportions

  3. anonymous

    Where’s the link? I want to meet all the black men at the other clubs too.

    • Oops! Link’s up now, but hurry, before Walt claims all the good ones.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        According to Business Insider, not all Greenwich Country Clubs have black members:

        Greenwich Country Club is 91.7% white; 2.2% Latino; 5.4% Asian; and 0% black.

        Belle Harbor is 96.9% white; 3.1% Latino; 0% Asian; and 0% black. What is their problem with the Japs? They golf really fast.

        Round Hill is 91.6% white; 1.3% Latino; 0% Asian; and 0% black. I don’t know what the missing 7.1% is, but I know it is not Indians. Neither dot nor feather.

        So you are correct. Unless you want to date a caddy or a waiter –NTTAWWT – Greenwich Country Clubs appear not to be the best place to meet a Negro. Negro is still ok, right Dude? It just means black in Espanol, right?

        I find the best place to meet hot, feisty black women is at the movies, believe it or not. I like the ones that scream at the screen.

        Where do you meet them?

        Your Pal,

  4. ShedLessToolMan

    see (2) blog postings above:

    Black men will be dropping off black children at newly zoned western greenwich elementary schools.. so, you might find them there unless they send the white nanny to do it for them..

  5. armonk

    Cleaning small white balls.