The spring market always does flush out the optimists

Guns of Navarone?

Guns of Navarone?

5 Jofran is back, with a fresh new price to welcome the equinox, $3.195 million.  This place was purchased in 2006 for $2.760, returned to market in 2008 at $2.850, expired in 2009 but came back in 2011 for $2.995. That didn’t work so the price dropped to $2.875 and the listing finally expired in June, 2012. So it’s back now, trying a still higher price. Maybe that will work, maybe the market is stronger now than it was this past June but maybe not; we’ll see.

Good house, great location, but houses on Jofran tend to appeal to Pueblo and other cliff dwellers, and those seeking level ground go elsewhere. Yvon Chouinard, where are you?


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3 responses to “The spring market always does flush out the optimists

  1. ShedLessToolMan

    CF, lately everything that sells seems to be long sitting inventory with price reductions.. I think you said not too long ago that people like this that raise their price or try and wait out the market never really find success with that strategy.. Well, I have not really ever seen this rewarded.. this place has so many decks and exterior vertical levels that it kinda looks like background scenery from the Avatar Movie.. but, the house itself seems ok to me..

    anyway.. The number of “followers” you have does not make you better than anyone else. Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12.. you seem to have many greenwich followers and I don’t want to give you a big head or anything because I agree with you on a lot of things.. but, seriously look at your competition of greenwich real estate bloggers – Scott Elwell, George Crossman and Gideon Fountain. This is like being in a beauty contest with Susan Boyle or an IQ contest with Kim Kardashian.. so, I am not sure if I follow you for lack of a better greenwich blog.. but, I got to admit.. you really do have a gift..

  2. Anonymous

    Jofran is a great location, you could walk to Greenwich Academy. Mid to high 2’s seems Ok if you can live with the cliff out back.

  3. anonymous

    Who were Jo and Fran? Friends of Ann and Jim? Did Greenwich go through a white trash phase?